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Clean Energy Jobs NOW

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My Last Whirlpool Refrigerator

The last two refrigerators we had were manufactured by Whirlpool, here in the United States.

The South Bend Tribune this morning reports that Whirlpool will be shutting down their Whirlpool refrigerator plant in Evansville, Indiana in 2010 which will cut 1,100 production jobs.

Whirlpool is moving this refrigerator production plant to Mexico. They're doing this not for productivity, but simply for cheap labor.

Whirlpool has provided me with my last refrigerator. In my opinion, Whirlpool has become a rotten, disloyal, unpatriotic company.

Are there any Republicans on Medicare Part B? Surely Not!

Republicans have been claiming that they don't want health care reform, particularly a government program.

Now since they've paid into Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) through their Social Security taxes, I doubt if they will refuse Medicare Part A when they become eligible.

I wonder if any Republicans are getting Medicare Part B (medical insurance). I doubt it since it's optional and they would have to pay a premium to the government for it. Surely they wouldn't want a government program would they? In fact, if they were true to their principles, there wouldn't be any Republicans on Medicare Part B. Do you think there are any Republicans or any others who claim to be 'anti-government program' on Medicare Part B? Surely not.

In other words, there aren't any of these people who claim to be anti-government speaking with forked tongues are there?

Right Wingers......they are a funny lot.

Seniors to Benefit from Health Care Reform

ALLIANCE FOR RETIRED AMERICANSNew Report Shows Seniors to Benefit from Health Care ReformRetiree Leader Calls for End to “Scare Tactics”The following statement was issued today by Edward F. Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, in response to a new report, America’s Seniors and Health Insurance Reform: Protecting Coverage and Strengthening Medicare, issued today by the Department of Health and Human Services.“Today’s report shines a bright light on why retirees have a lot to gain from health reform.Moreover, it shows the wholly unacceptable medical and financial consequences of inaction. “According to the study, if no action is taken, Medicare premiums and out-of-pocket costs will soon eat up more than one-third of a retiree’s Social Security benefits.A typical older couple would need to save $300,000 for medical bills not covered by Medicare. “I hope that deeply disturbing findings such as these will move the health care debate away from divisive, insurance…

'Amazing grace'

‘Amazing grace’

An encounter with Great Britain’s National Health System
By the Rev. Peter Storey

I’ve been following the U.S. debate on health care with a growing sense of bewilderment and despair. Arguments raised by opponents seem to be quite bizarre and out of touch with reality — and utterly anti-poor.

For most of my life, one of my heroes has been Aneurin Bevan, the feisty Labour socialist from the dirt-poor coal-fields of Wales, who was the only member of the House of Commons who could best Winston Churchill in debate. Bevan did so on a number of occasions.

As the Minister of Health in Clement Atlee’s post-World War II Labour Cabinet, Bevan was the architect of Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). He fought it through in the face of enormous odds and bitter opposition and disinformation from Churchill’s Tories.

Of course, Bevan might be the wrong example to lift up in a debate in the U.S., the only country where even the trade unionists are capitalists! But I have quoted hi…

Only through a just system of health care

From the dawn of human history God has created loving souls and blessed each with the 'imago dei' - the very image and likeness of God. By grace God endows those in the health care professions with the means and methods of healing. Only through a just system of health care can Jesus' promise of life abundant (John 10:10b) be visited upon all persons.

--The Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of the Churches of christ in the USA (2002)

The UK's National Health Service

Opponents to President Obama’s healthcare reform plan have circulated a number of serious lies and gross distortions about the UK’s National Health Service to defend their own interests and scupper plans that will help the 47 million Americans currently without healthcare cover.What is the NHS?
The UK’s National Health Service provides a wide range of healthcare services - everything from antenatal screening and routine treatments for coughs and colds to open heart surgery, accident and emergency treatment and end-of-life care to the whole UK population of 60million people.Most importantly it is free for people to access healthcare and 1 million patients are seen every 36 hours.The NHS funded by general taxation and is organised and run at a local, regional level. It is one of the most efficient, most egalitarian and most comprehensive in the world, looking after everyone from their birth to their death. It is an institution supported by every major political party in Britain and the …

Every person has the right to adequate health care

"Every person has the right to adequate health care. This right flows from the sanctity of human life and the dignity that belongs to all persons, who are made in the image of God....Our call for health care reform is rooted in the biblical call to heal the sick and to serve 'the least of these,' the priorities of justice and the principle of the common good. The existing patterns of health care in the United States do not meet the minimal standard of social justice and the common good."

-Resolution on Health Care Reform, U.S. Catholic Bishops (1993)

We Were There

Who can ever doubt the importance and contribution of women to the Labor Movement in the United States. We all owe women a debt of gratitude.

Retirees Support Health Insurance Reform

Retiree Leader Urges Florida Seniors to Support Health Insurance Reform

Outlines New Benefits for Retirees, Denounces Scare Tactics

Saying “retirees have a lot to gain from health care reform,” Alliance for Retired Americans President Barbara J. Easterling today told an audience of over 700 South Florida seniors that national health insurance reform, “will make it easier for retirees to see a doctor, get a prescription filled, and afford long-term care.”

At a Del Ray health care forum sponsored by the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, Easterling said, “I know that many older people are scared and confused, fearful of the change that health reform may bring.
But this isn’t because they are bad people. They are scared and confused because lobbyists and places like Fox News are spending millions of dollars - and spreading millions of lies - to preserve the status quo. Why? Because they are the winners in our current system, a broken system that puts profits ahead of people, the spe…

Health Insurance Reform Facts for Retirees and “Pre-Medicare” Retirees

Health Insurance Reform Facts for Retirees and “Pre-Medicare” Retirees

There is no health insurance reform proposed before Congress that would create death panels, allow euthanasia, ration care or that directly addresses government-funded abortion or birth control. Anything else you hear is a myth – a scare tactic to divert attention from the real issue.
Even if you have employer- or union-provided health care as a retiree, health insurance reform matters to you. Besides helping those who aren’t as lucky, reform should help cut costs across our entire health care system, making it better and more affordable for all of us.
Medicare was created to make sure Americans didn’t have to choose between saving their health and spending all they had saved. It provided for those with the burdens and pains of untreated illnesses. Now, we find ourselves in a critical moment, facing strangely familiar syndromes of societal suffering, and are called to find a way to provide health care for all Ame…

The Latest on Health Care Reform

August 13, 2009
The Latest on Health Care Reform

Tired of battling over health care at every contract negotiation? Sick of worrying about what happens to your health care if you lose your job? Think our system costs too much, covers too little and excludes too many? If you do, you’re not alone. The good news is that we are finally close to reforming this failed system.

Health Care Reform is Underway – Before Congress adjourned for their August recess, the House of Representatives finished drafting a bill – H.R. 3200 – that would go a long way towards what we need to see for reform. Those who have employer-provided care can keep their same coverage; those who don’t will have access to affordable care.

Key aspects of H.R. 3200 include:

• A public health insurance option that would compete with private insurer plans to drive down costs,

• An employer “pay or play” requirement that makes sure free-rider companies – those that don’t pay for employee’s health care coverage who ultimately du…

Facts Matter

The Washington Post has a concise breakdown of what the House health care reform proposal includes for Medicare beneficiaries:

Comprehensive health-care legislation approved by three House committees include changes to the Medicare program for 45 million elderly and disabled people. The bills:

– Extend the life of the Medicare Trust Fund by five years.

– Waive all co-payments on preventive services.

– Provide 50 percent discounts on brand-name prescriptions in the coverage gap known as the “doughnut hole.” Eliminate the gap entirely within 12 years.

– Eliminate 14 percent in “overpayments” to Medicare Advantage plans over 10-year period; pay $10 billion in bonuses to high-quality plans.

– Increase reimbursements to primary-care doctors, general practitioners and psychiatrists by 5 percent.

– Reduce payments to skilled-nursing homes and rehabilitation centers by $15 billion over the next decade.

– Pay medical professionals for counseling patients about end-of-life options.

– Reduce payments to …

Alliance for Retired Americans calls for civility

For Immediate Release
August 6, 2009

Indiana Retirees Call for Civil Town Hall Meetings About Health Insurance Reform

Many Seniors Fear That Rational Discussion is Not Possible
in Current Environment

Members of the Indiana Alliance for Retired Americans are calling for civil discourse during town hall meetings with Members of Congress this month, amidst stories of town halls across the country erupting into chaos during the health care debate.

As Members of Congress return home to their districts for the August recess, there are widespread reports of aggressive, bullying opponents of health insurance reform intentionally taking over meetings and creating an intimidating, hostile environment for others. There are even reports that some Members of Congress have had to cancel their town halls because of the threat of disruptions.

“Indiana seniors are offended at this subversion of the democratic process,” said Elmer Blankenship, president of the Indiana Alliance for Retired Americans. “These …

Talk-show falsehoods

Hysteria masks value of ‘Page 425’
By the Rev. Jackson Day
In 1881 as my great-grandfather lay dying, he called his children in one by one to give them his final words. My grandfather, then age 9, never forgot that his father was able to die at home surrounded by family. For many of us, our greatest fear about our own passing is that our health-care system will keep us from dying such a death. Our fear is that we will end our days with tubes and electrodes connected to every orifice and patch of skin, and with our minds sedated into oblivion. I had no idea how great a gift my father gave us for his last days until we actually needed to turn to his living will. I had no idea how great a gift my father gave us for his last days until we actually needed to turn to his living will. He had requested no extraordinary measures. Each lawyerly clause describing a circumstance in which he wanted no extraordinary care concluded in clear English prose affirming the will of God that no one could mis…

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On July 30, I posted "will There be Justice from Unfair Trade?"

There's something each one of us can do to help with the problem of China's unfair trade policies.
Go to the following web site, scroll down a little bit, and on the right hand side of the page, you'll see the poll. It will only take a couple seconds.

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Right wingers are the berries

Listening to right wingers negotiate healthcare reform is a real riot. Such liars they are. It's seems to be a simple truth that no matter what a conservative right winger says, just the opposite is true.