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Friday Alert

Reid Plan Would Address Debt Ceiling without Affecting Medicare, Social SecurityWithout signed legislation to raise the national debt limit by August 2, the Treasury will not have enough funds to pay the nation’s bills. Administration officials have warned of potentially calamitous effects on the economy if that happens - a spike in interest rates, a plunge in stock markets and a tightening in the job market. Without a higher debt limit, “the choices would be agonizing,” according to AP. The Bipartisan Policy Center says that if the government kept paying for health care programs, Social Security, unemployment benefits and defense contracts and met interest payments on its debt in August, it would have no money left for anything else. Civil servants and troops would go unpaid. Veterans would lose benefits. IRS refund checks would go unmailed. The Justice Department would have to scale back its pursuit of criminals.

A House Republican bill providing an immediate debt limit …

Teachers Need Our Help

Unions United for a Better and Fairer Tomorrow
First they destroyed our jobs in manufacturing and the mills. Then the big LaSalle St. banks and the rich financial operators ran our economy in the ditch. Now they want to blame the crisis on teachers and other public workers. Hard working teachers and their unions are not to blame for the ills of education.
Join Us! We need to rally our unions and our community to fight for education and a better future for our children. This is not a deficit crisis; it’s a jobs crisis. We need the rich and the corporations to pay their fair share so we can invest in our schools and neighborhoods for a better tomorrow. We need to rally around the Chicago Teachers Union and allied unions in education.
Speakers: Karen Lewis, President CTU, Ed Sadlowski, AFSCME Council 40, Jeff Zupan, IBEW,WTDY MADISON WISC, SLY IN THE MORNING For more information or questions: Susan & Raul Garza – 773-322-2679 or 773-415-4315 10654 ave G Chicago Il 60617
3:30 AUGUST 31st 2011

SOAR Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

Each month, SOAR publishes a newsletter which is mailed to each chapter president and coordinator, the SOAR executive board and the USW executive board.
You can find a link for viewing or downloading this months edition at the following web page:

Links to past issues are placed on the Steelworkers web site and can be seen here:

Now is the Time

It's time that Republicans get off of their duffs and quit lollygagging about the debt ceiling. They are refusing to allow the country's debt ceiling be raised so that the country can continue to pay its bills. They insist that cuts to programs which benefit the least of us be made but at the same time refuse to insist that companies that pay no taxes whatsoever pay their fair share.
Republicans continue to walk out of negotiations when they can't have it their way. If your congress person is a Republican, please give that person a piece of your mind.

Check on Your Neighbor

Weather in Northern Indiana is heading for 97 degress today and humid.
The elderly, homebound or disabled are certainly in jeopardy.
Please phone them or look in on them to make sure they are ok.

Bird Bath Trick

We love to care for and watch the birds at Bass Lake. We have a bird bath for them which we take care to keep full of fresh water throughout the year.

It used to be a pain to keep the thing clear with wire brushing it ever so often but a couple years ago I tried this trick. I put about a one foot length of copper tubing on the bottom which somehow seems to keep it really clean.

Give it a try. I haven't had to wire brush it since placing that tubing in our bird bath.

National Call Congress Days

Your Social Security benefits are under attack by politicians in Washington. They want to:

Cut Social Security’s Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) to reduce the deficit. But Social Security doesn’t contribute a penny to the deficit.Raid Social Security by using your contributions to give a tax break to Wall Street banks, Big Oil and other corporations.They shouldn’t get another taxpayer handout. Social Security belongs to you. You pay for it in every paycheck. Don’t let them cut it or raid it!

Call your Senators on Thursday and Friday, July 14-15, at 1-866-251-4044.

Tell them:

NO cuts to Social Security!
NO cuts to Social Security’s COLA!
NO Social Security payroll tax holiday!

Source: Alliance for Retired Americans

Try Taking the Train

Slow and Easy:

After a lifetime of work, retirement is the time to enjoy your family and really live out your dreams. Whether by enjoying hobbies, volunteer work, traveling or whatever else interests you.

Those who travel can take a cruise, travel by air, bus or car. The method Elaine and I prefer ....whenever possible..... is by train.......Our travel is usually from Northern Indiana to Pittsburgh or Washington D.C. and we’re able to catch the train in South Bend, Indiana at about 8:30 in the evening......and after a good nights sleep, we arrive in Pittsburgh at about 4:30 the following morning........ fortunately, the hotels allow for early check in.

When traveling to Washington, we depart South ‘bend at 8:30 in the evening and arrive in Washington the following day a little after lunch. We could fly it, but we’d rather not have to go through the hassle. We could drive it but we think it’s really dangerous on the turnpikes and toll roads and we never know what the road conditions or…

Friday Alert

July 8, 2011 edition

Debt Ceiling Talks Focus on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Cuts
President Obama is pressing congressional leaders “to consider a far-reaching debt-reduction plan that would force Democrats to accept major changes to Social Security and Medicare in exchange for Republican support for fresh tax revenue,” The Washington Post reported on Thursday. Unless Congress acts before August 2 to raise the $14.3 trillion ceiling on the amount the government can borrow, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has said the U.S. will begin to default on its obligations for the first time in history.

According to ABC News (, President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) have been discussing a grand bargain to cut some $4 trillion in projected budget deficits over the next 10 to 12 years. There is no deal yet, but the ideas under consideration include reductions in spending on Social Security and Medicare, as well as Medicaid.  Among the spending red…

Retiree Leader Reacts to Possible Social Security Cuts

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                 Contact: David Blank (202) 637-5275
July 7, 2011                                                                                                                                             

Retiree Leader Reacts to Possible Social Security Cuts

Would be Devastating for Millions of Seniors, Coyle Says

The following statement was issued today by Edward F. Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans:

“Retirees are deeply concerned by media accounts that the White House is considering cuts in Social Security as part of the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations with Congress.  The Alliance for Retired Americans would strongly oppose such a move.

“More specifically, we are troubled by an idea being floated in Washington to change a federal statistical formula to lower Cost-of-Living Adjustme…

Casey Was Not Found Innocent

The jury didn't proclaim Casey Anthony innocent of murder. They proclaimed that the evidence submitted did not prove it. That's the job of a jury.

My experience serving on murder trials as a juror is that there is more to any case than meets the eye of what the public is privy to. I think our legal system, although not perfect, is the best possible under our laws.

The only suggestion I could make to possibly make it even better would be to have "professional jurors."

On one case I was on, one of the jurors said the person was guilty. She just knew it and when asked of what evidence convinced her, she said it was "womens intuition."

On another case, one of the jurors said he would vote either way as he wanted to simply go home to his girl friend.

No More Love Letters In Indiana?

After high school, I went into the U.S. Navy for four years. While in the South Pacific, my high school sweet heart and now wife of 46 years and I wrote back and forth making our hearts grow fonder.

I've often said that the most valuable course I ever took in high school was typing but what in the world will happen in the next twenty years to the love letter with Indiana teachers no longer required to  teach cursive hand writing?

Gosh, you can't put perfume on a text message or email message. What a shame.

A year ago I made a resolution to write a letter each week. At first, I tried a ball point pen, but didn't like the feel of it. Then I bought a fountain pen, but the nib left a line too fat for my liking. I finally bought a scratch or dip pen like we used in school.

Although I haven't kept my resolution, I do love to scratch out a letter now and then. Now, do you think someone who is home bound or in a nursing home would rather receive an email message or would he ra…

We Need Your Help

We all know the important role that SOAR plays in protecting and enhancing the quality of life for our retirees. With the political climate in our two countries today, the SOAR Executive Board believes nothing is more important to our retired members than having a strong voice to represent their interests.

Right-wing extremists and radical special-interest groups have been leading a cruel and brutal campaign to erode or eliminate the social programs that our retired members depend on and deserve. Essential programs like Social Security and Medicare have been under constant assault in the United States. In Canada our members are fighting to protect their National Health Care and are vigorously pursuing changes in their bankruptcy laws to protect the benefits that our union has fought for and won.

These malicious and heartless assaults on working families must be stopped. The attempts to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits coupled with the attempt to “gamble” with Social Security …