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USW District 9 Jim Swindle an Inspiration

Brothers and Sisters, I regret to inform you that former USW District 9 SOAR Executive Board Member, Jim Swindle, passed away on September 29, 2012 at the age of 91. Jim’s wife, Clara, also age 91, passed away three days earlier on September 26.

Jim Swindle grew up in a family of coal miners during a time when wages were one dollar a day. He witnessed the struggle of miners in their efforts to organize and gain respect in their workplace. By the time of his high school graduation, Jim knew that he would spend his life helping workers get fair pay for a fair day’s labor.

On his first day of employment in 1941 at Tennessee Coal and Iron Company in Fairfield, Alabama, Jim joined the Steel Workers Organizing Committee which officially became the United Steelworkers of America in 1942.

Jim participated in the first wildcat strike at the tin mill and when this profile was written, was one of the few still living to have stood at the pay line to collect dues. After the union was voted in, …

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert 9-28-12

Past Statements by Paul Ryan Shed More Light on his Policies Regarding Seniors
A transcript of a speech made in 2005 by Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan has received renewed attention this week, after the national Catholic weekly publication America published an article on his remarks. Ryan, who has long described philosopher Ayn Rand as one of his inspirations, made the speech at the Atlas Society’s 2005 “Celebration of Ayn Rand.” Rand’s 1964 collection of essays is called The Virtue of Selfishness: A new Concept of Egoism.

In his 2005 speech, Ryan took an extremist stance on Social Security and Medicare. He called Social Security and Medicare “collectivist” and “socialistic” and described his plans for privatization. Ryan stated that he supported, “switching these programs— and this is where I’m talking about health care, as well — from a third party or socialist based system to an individually owned, individually pre-funded, individually directed system.” To see the full article a…

Are You Ready To Be Harvested By Romney?

NIPSCO Retirees Reunite

The Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and although the company didn’t see fit to invite their retirees to the celebration, over ninety members of SOAR Chapter 30-18 celebrated their fourteenth year by holding their fourteenth annual Retirees Reunion this month.

Chapter President, Dorine Godinez and the committee made sure that all went well and members enjoyed visiting with old friends and making new ones.

Because the company service territory covers the northern third of the state, the chapter limits its social activities to this one event each year, which is subsidized by USW locals 12775, 13796, 5840 and District 7 Sub District 4.

Door prizes, all made in the U.S.A., were handed out to all and we were honored to have as our guests, SOAR Director Jim Centner and his wife, Carol.

You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

SOAR Director, Jim Centner, Makes Choice

The Conventions Are Over – the Choice is Clear

Now that the Democratic and Republican Conventions are over, it’s clear that reelecting President Obama is the best path forward for our nation. The tone of the two conventions could not have been different. We can either continue on the path of growth to rebuild our economy from the worst recession since the Great Depression, or we can go back to the policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

It is time to end the partisan bickering in Washington.  Our elected representatives must work together in order for our economy to continue to grow.  We need to move forward and elect those who best represent the interests of the working middle class.  I can remember when the two party system worked.  When the rhetoric of the campaign was over, both parties worked together for a better country and society. 

Today that is not the case. When the Republican leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell (KY) publicly stated that “his single most imp…

OBAMACARE - What would you give up ?

OBAMACARE - What would you give up?
We have been hearing a lot of noise about doing away with the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” commonly referred to as “ObamaCare.” What I am trying to figure out is why is this law considered a bad thing and even more troubling to me is what would we want to give up from this landmark legislation?
Do we not want to close the so-called  “doughnut hole” coverage gap in the Medicare Prescription Drug law so seniors will no longer have to cut dangerous corners on their medications?Do we want to reestablish co-pays for mammograms, colonoscopies and other preventive screenings that help older Americans more quickly and affordably identify and treat diseases such as cancer and diabetes?Do we not want to cut wasteful spending to extend the life of the Medicare Trust Fund so seniors can better afford premiums which have doubled over the past eight years?Should we let insurers go back to denying coverage to pre-Medicare retirees because they have p…

We Are Better Off !!!

The question has been asked during the current Presidential campaign, are we better off with President Obama? The facts are clear, if one cares about the facts, then the answer is YES.

When President Obama took office, our economy was going off an economic cliff in a free fall created by big banks, wall street misdeeds and other factors, including failed bad trade agreements that cost us millions of good paying manufacturing jobs, the attack on workers’ rights and their unions, the establishment of more debt on the shoulders of the middle class and the destruction of real estate markets and home values. It was the worst recession since the 1920s and we were on the edge of a great depression. We were losing over 750,000 jobs per month, and had a Federal deficit of several trillion dollars.

These are the conditions that President Obama inherited; created by the policies of eight years of Republican leadership and policies that some think we ought to do over again. These policies include…

Hey Mitt Romney, We've Earned Our Social Security and Medicare!

Hey, Mitt Romney, We've Earned Our Social Security and Medicare!
by Barbara J. Easterling

As a retiree, I was upset to hear that Mitt Romney thinks people our age are "dependent" upon the government.

Social Security and Medicare are not hand-outs. We paid Medicare and Social Security taxes in every paycheck we ever earned. Now that we are retired, these programs help us stay healthy and pay our bills. They are the promise we make to people who worked hard all their lives. We need to keep that promise for today's workers.

While shocking, Romney's private comments mirror his public stances. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the most anti-senior ticket ever, running on a platform that would enrich big insurance companies by creating a voucher-based Medicare program and let Wall Street profit off a risky, privatized Social Security system that would provide lower benefits to workers forced to stay longer on the job.

Before Social Security and Medicare, too many people worked …

Obama Saved American Manufacturing

The Affordable Care Act - How Does it Benefit You?

Cut through the misinformation that is circulating around the Affordable Care Act – “Obamacare” – and make sure you understand what it means to you, your families and your contract. Here is a timeline of some key features of the new law. 

2010  No More Lifetime Coverage Limits – Insurers can no longer limit the total dollar amount they will pay over a person’s lifetimeKey Insurance Reforms – Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to a customer because of a paperwork error or unintentional mistake. Consumers also have new options to appeal an insurance company’s decisionsCoverage Extended to Young Adults – Young adults may be covered by their parents’ insurance until age 26 if the young adult’s employer does not offer insurance. 3.1 million young adults are benefitting. No More Refusing Children Coverage Based on Pre-Existing Conditions – This provision will extend to all Americans in 2014. No More Limits for Essential Benefits – Insurers may no longer set an annual limit fo…

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert 9-14-12

On the Campaign Trail, Medicare Continues to be Central Topic
With the Democratic and Republican conventions over, Medicare continues to garner attention. Launching a two-day campaign swing in Florida, former President Bill Clinton pushed back in Miami on Tuesday against what he described as Republican scare tactics over health care programs for older Americans — then provided his own frightening predictions about what would happen to seniors if Mitt Romney became president.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Clinton said that the Republican nominee was misleading voters by arguing that President Obama’s health care overhaul “robbed Medicare of $716 billion,” noting that the money would mainly be cut from future payments to hospitals and insurance companies, not beneficiaries. He also said that “countless thousands” of seniors had voted against Democrats in 2010 because “they were given misinformation” about their Medicare votes. “The first time they did that it was their fault. If we…

Bugs Obama vs. Yosemite Romney

Checks for Millionaires

I Will Fight Back

I will NOT lie down

I will NOT go quietly

I will NOT submit

I will NOT roll over

I will NOT comply

I will NOT shut up

I will NOT sit down

I will STAND UP and


Chicago Teachers Hang Tough

The Teachers in Chicago are doing the right thing. They are on strike and it's not for money. The sticking problem in negotiations seems to be the administrations proposal that a school principal have the sole responsibility to hire and fire.

I know how that would work. Human nature would cause the Principal to fire the teacher he/she didn't like...period.

I am supporting the Teachers and hope they are successful.

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert 9-7-12

Democratic Convention Provides Sharp Contrast with Republicans on Senior Issues
The 46th Democratic National Convention took place this week, ending last night with the official nomination of Barack Obama for re-election as U.S. President. “The 2012 platform adopted by the Democratic Party this week in Charlotte shows the stark contrasts between the two parties on key issues of Social Security and Medicare,” said Edward F. Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance. “The Democratic Party, which signed Medicare and Social Security into law over Republican objections, once again reaffirmed its strong commitment to these two great American success stories.” To read Mr. Coyle’s full statement on the convention, go to

Former President Bill Clinton spoke on Wednesday night about Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan's budget plan, which passed in the House and won Mitt Romney's endorsement. Referring to Romney and Ryan, Clinton said, “They also want to bl…

Boycott Palermo Pizza

There's Hope For Millionaires Everywhere