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New Steelworkers

Congratulations to the workers at the Georgia Pacific Gypsum plant in Wheatfield, Indiana. The results of their vote to organize themselves was 60-25 in favor of unionizing.
These workers are now members of the largest industrial union in North America. They overcame all the obstacles that management threw at them and are now proud Steelworkers and have a family of over a million workers and retirees on their team.

"If you destroy a man's dignity, you will lose his respect. Power can be purchased, respect must be earned." Author Unknown

Need for Change

On March 26th, Steelworkers and SOAR members joined in solidarity with workers at the Georgia Pacific Gypsum plant in Wheatfield, Indiana, on the eve of their vote to organize their own union.
It's a crying shame that workers in America have to undergo this outdated process of putting up with an employers intimidation, hostile union-busting tactics, to simply choose to organize themselves.
These workers had to attend half hour meeting each day while the employers unionbusting consultants pounded with anti-union speeches.
Workers should have free choice to organize themselves. An employer should not have the right to coerce them into opposing unions with bribes or special favors, or threaten them in any way.
Urge your U.S. Senators to co-sponsor the Employee Free Choice Act

We Need You!

Organizing Election Rally

484 E. 1400N.
Wheatfield, IN. just south of RMSGS

Monday March 26th
6:00 AM - 7:15 AM.
6:00 PM. - 7:15 PM

The workers a Georgia Pacific Gypsum in Wheatfield, Indiana need your support!
Having filed for a Union election in February, they have endured a brutal campaign
by their employer to crush their effort to join the USW and gain their rights
to Union recognition.
On Tuesday March 27th, they will vote in an NLRB election. The workers there are holding strong,
but they need the support of all Steelworkers and SOAR members in our area to show their employer they will not be denied the

Please plan to attend one or both of the rallies on Monday March 26th,
the day before their election, and show your support!
Their fight is OUR fight!

from the Gary/Portage area: take 80/94 east to Hwy 49 South,
Or US 30 east to Hwy 49 South
Go South on 49 to 1400N. Turn East on 1400N.
the plant is at the end of the road. approximately 1/4 mile

ARA Supports Employee Free Choice Act

Workers’ Right to Organize

Adopted September 6, 2006

Whereas the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 states: “Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests;” and

Whereas 11 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates have called upon every nation, including the United States, to protect and defend workers’ rights, including the right to form unions and bargain collectively; and

Whereas 73 percent of the American public say laws protecting the freedom to join unions are important; and

Whereas only 12.5 percent of U.S. workers belong to a union; and

Whereas nearly 6 in 10, or 59 percent, of American workers would be in a union if workers could choose freely; and

Whereas 57 million nonunion workers say they want to join a union; and

Whereas employer attempts to obstruct unions is widespread and escalating; and

Whereas over half (52 percent) of private-sector U.S employers, when faced with employees wh…

End the War in Iraq

Resolution to End the War

The American people voted overwhelmingly in 2006 to end the war in Iraq. Over 60% of the people want the war to end as rapidly as possible. But the Bush administration has made it clear that they will not respect the majority opinion.

The war cannot be won with military force and only serves to put our troops needlessly in harm’s way and wastes billions of dollars that could be much better used at home to solve problems like health care and Social Security.

We call on Congress to continue their oversight responsibility and to work to bring the troops home and end the war as rapidly as possible.

We also call on Congress to really support the troops by guaranteeing full and increased funding for veterans benefits and health care. We call on Congress to enact a new GI Bill that will truly provide funds for returning veterans for education, home ownership and financial help for restarting their lives and taking care of their families when they come home.

Resolution …

Continental Tire, Shame Shame

Mixed feelings about UNC sports
By Mark West
Larry Little is an avid basketball fan in general, and a huge UNC
Tarheel fan in particular. He has videos of UNC games dating from 1979.
In October Of last year, Larry got a rare opportunity to visit the
hallowed halls of UNCs home court, the Dean Smith center. I was with
Larry on that occasion, and I witnessed the excitement of his thrill of
a lifetime. Larry was as giddy as kid on Christmas morning. The pictures
on the walls in the hallway of the Dean Smith center came to life for
him. I, not being as big of a fan, was Larry's classroom and he was the

He tells me about this guy and that guy. "This is Michael Jordan" he
says, he played on the 1982 championship team. This one played in 1987,
here's Julius Peppers who now plays football for the Carolina Panthers,
"He played both basketball and football for UNC in 2000" Larry says, and
"UNC went to the final 4 that year, what a great athlete Julius Peppers

EFCA Passes in the House

The Employee Free Choice Act Passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. It gives workers, not corporations, the right to decide how to vote for a union. It makes it harder for employers to interfere and places real penalties on those that do. Finally, it provides first contract arbitration for employers who seek to stall and delay negotiations for wages and benefits.

In our country, a person isn't fired because he joins a church, or the VFW, or the Masons. Well, he shouldn't be fired for joining a union either, but that in fact is what happens.

Now if we can get our U.S. Senators to vote the right way on this legislation, our country will be much better off. It's the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, Indiana Senator Richard Lugar hasn't seen the light yet and hasn't cosponsored the bill.
He needs an awakening.