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You Owe It To Your Grandchildren To Tell Them The Truth About Privatization!

President George W. Bush and others want to convince people in their 20's that Social Security will not be there when they retire. It's a lot easier to take something away from people if they don't think they are going to get it anyway. They hope you, your children and your grandchildren won't fight their Social Security privatization plan, but they are not telling you that it will drastically cut benefits. Don't fall for it.

What Social Security Privatizers Don't Want Young People to know...

If you want to receive less money when you retire,then Social Security privatization is right for you! (if you are in your 20's and the Social Security plan is enacted, you will receive 25% less in Social Security benefits.)

Debra Birkholz, a Champion For Working Families and Retirees

To Vote for Debra Birkholz

Working families and retirees in Indiana’s eighth senate district will have a wonderful opportunity in a few days to add a real champion to the Indiana Senate, someone who will be on our side for a change.

For too long, our representation in the senate has been less than marginal. Debra Birkholz is labor’s candidate and she promises to be just the ticket for what ails our state. She has the support of the Alliance for Retired Americans and the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees. Vote for real change.

How Committed are the Presidential Candidates to Retirees

For your information, below is the voting record of presidential candidates put out by the Alliance for Retired Americans on the ten most important issues affecting retirees in the 110th Congress, January 2007-December 2007. It reflects how committed they are to retirees and older Americans.

Hillary Clinton 100%
John McCain 0%
Barack Obama 100%

Source: Alliance for Retired Americans

Am I bitter? Hell no, I'm Pissed!

I had a good job all the way up to retirement. My job never went overseas. I didn't lose my healthcare and I didn't lose part of or all of my pension.......but if I had......I'd be more than bitter. I'd be pissed. As a matter of fact, I am pissed......And if I could afford it, I'd spend every opportunity to hound each and every Congressperson and Senator in Washington D.C. until they did something about it.
I know too many workers who have had those things happen to them.
I think that the comments made by Senator Barak Obama which the media and others are spinning for political advantage are made pretty clear by the following speech. And I think he's right on.

Congrats to Nancy Pelosi

The House of Representatives yesterday, passed a rule to put on hold the requirement that the Columbia Free Trade Agreement be considered within 90 legislative days.
Now, Congress can decide whether or not, or when to schedule a vote on this rotten trade deal with a country that has more union leaders murdered than any other.
Finally, we have a congress with some back bone to oppose this whacky president.

We have more to be concerned with in the United States than a lousy trade deal, such as people losing their homes, high gasoline prices, bankruptsys, loss of jobs, and this crazy so called "war" in Iraq.

Congratulations to those in the congress who care about people.

Senator Sherrod Brown speaks out

For Immediate Release

Monday, April 7, 2008


Brown Says Trade Pact Continuation of Failed Trade Polices Hurt Workers
and Businesses at Home and Abroad

Washington, DC - U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today called the proposed Colombian Free Trade Agreement (FTA) a betrayal of the middle class. Brown said the trade pact is a continuation of trade policies that hurt workers at home and abroad. He released the following

"Congress will not pass a Free Trade Agreement with Colombia. The Colombian government has stood by and watched continued violence against union leaders. Its response has been unacceptable."

"The proposed Colombia FTA betrays small businesses, it betrays workers, and it betrays consumers. Colombian workers earn little more than $600 a month. This FTA is much less about finding new markets for American goods than it is a continuation of this administration's failed trade po…

Stop Killing America

Haven't you right wing so called conservatives done enough damage? Isn't it time to admit that your policies aren't the real values of America? Step aside and let people with genuine human values fix our nation.
Enough of your killing. Enough of your invading. Enough of your holier than tho attitudes. Enough of your allowing companies to leave our shores, taking good paying American jobs. Enough of your ignoring the problems of real people in the United States with your greed. Enough of your failed, economics.
Time to care about people.
Time to educate our children.
Time to stop the war mongering.
Time to stop the intolerance and hate.
Conservatives, wake up and see the light.
Conservatives, change your ways.
Conservatives, it's time to elect progressives. It's time to care about the poor. It's time to take care of those with no medical insurance. It's time to have trade policies that work for Americans.
It's time to say no to the murderous Columbian trade agree…

In Indiana, Enough is Enough

Jill Long Thompson Will Protect Indiana Jobs!
Indiana’s manufacturing industry has suffered devastating job loss!

Number of factory jobs lost in the State of Indiana from 2000-2006:

(Chicago Tribune, April 2, 2006)

But those who still have jobs are seeing an increase in wages, right? WRONG!

The State of Indiana’s ranking in per capita income growth:
45 of 50

(Chicago Tribune, April 2, 2006)

"The Steelworkers are proud to endorse Jill Long Thompson for governor. Jill has stood with us in many battles to create a better future for working families, both while serving as a member of Congres and, later, as a concerned citizen. She has supported us over the years and we are enthusiastically supporting her now."
- USW District 7