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Union Man Dues by Turner R. Corn

Friday Alert January 27, 2012

President Obama, Mitch Daniels Offer Different Views on Current State of the Union
President Obama delivered his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, and the Alliance issued a press release contrasting his ideas with the Republican response offered by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. “While retirees’ working days may be over, we worry about our children and grandchildren, as well as the future of the industries we helped build here at home.  We strongly support the President’s goal of tax fairness; call us ‘old school,’ but we still believe that sacrifices should be made fairly," said Edward F. Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance.

“In contrast, the Republicans showed their true colors by choosing as their spokesperson a governor who believes he can revive his state’s economy by lowering wages and benefits for working families,” Coyle continued. “Mitch Daniels’ vague rhetoric on Social Security and Medicare glossed over the cold reality that his party – from its presi…

Are Republicans Evil?

Are Republicans in the Indiana General Assembly evil for wanting to pass a so called Right to Work bill and are Republicans in general evil as well? I don’t think so.

I know Republicans who are good people. So why would they sit idly by while the General Assembly tries to pass this legislation other than that they are just plain ignorant of what the bill would do to them, their loved ones or their neighbors.

If it were possible to sit down and discuss the ramifications of the unintended consequences such as lower wages and benefits on the job, the weakening of the ability of workers to have democracy in the work place, the weakening of the entities that support a minimum wage, the lack of any organization to lobby to strengthen the unemployment laws and child labor laws and workers compensation laws and the invitation to workers to just plain freeload by reaping the benefits of collective bargaining and at the same time not help to fund the very organization that helps them and the ha…

USW Supports President's Decision to Delay Pipeline

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                          CONTACTS:
January 20, 2012                                                                     Gary Hubbard (202) 778-4384
                                                                                                Wayne Ranick (412) 562-2444

USW Supports President’s Decision to Delay Keystone XL Pipeline Bowing to Partisan Politics Not the Right Way to Proceed, says Union
(WASHINGTON, D.C.) -- United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard expressed support for the Administration’s decision to challenge partisan politics and not bow to Republican pressure to prematurely approve TransCanada’s permit to develop a proposed 1,700-mile pipeline. The Keystone XL Pipeline would transport crude oil and b…

Liar Liar pants on fire

"Right to Work" Means "No Right to a Team"

Brothers & Sisters,
DeMaurice F. Smith, the Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association, wrote the following opinion piece for Indiana newspapers - and we wanted to share it with you.

The Real Meaning of “Right to Work” Is No Right to a Team

By: DeMaurice F. Smith
Executive Director
National Football League Players Association

Indianapolis is the home of the upcoming Super Bowl; an event that is supposed to celebrate the best of America’s game, but also the best of the host city and state. The people and workers of Indiana have come together and worked hard to prepare for this upcoming Super Bowl for a long time, but they are also bracing for the potential damage caused by a legislative game being played off the field.

The so-called Indiana “Right to Work” Bill is bad for working men and women for one simple reason: it jeopardizes the ability of workers to organize as a team to protect, preserve and promote themselves as employees in a workplace, where m…

Learn About the Right to Work law

Calendar - Current Events Town Hall meetings are being held all over Indiana the next couple of days. Click on the one nearest you for the times and additional information.

2012 Legislative Session Date: Wed, Jan 4, 2012 to Thu, Mar 15, 2012 Location:Indiana Statehouse

Town Hall on RTW in LogansportDate: Sat, Jan 14, 2012 Location:American Legion Riders Post 60

Meet Your Legislator Meeting in ElkhartDate: Sat, Jan 14, 2012 Location:Elkhart Chamber of Commerce

Angola Citizens Forum on RTWDate: Sat, Jan 14, 2012 Location:"In a Flash Photography"

Town Hall on RTW in West LafayetteDate: Sat, Jan 14, 2012 Location:Morton Community Center

Town Hall on RTW in AndersonDate: Sat, Jan 14, 2012 Location:UAW 663

Town Hall on RTW in IndianapolisDate: Sat, Jan 14, 2012 Location:Clarion Hotel

Meet your Local Legislators Meeting in Terre HauteDate: Sat, Jan 14, 2012 Location:Terre Haute …

Indiana Alliance Takes on "Right to Work"

Indiana Alliance Joins with Partners to take on “Right to Work”
On Tuesday, representatives from the Indiana Alliance, the group “Hoosiers First,” and United Senior Action held a press conference to voice their joint concerns about the “right to work” legislation pending before the Indiana General Assembly.  Having reviewed the possible impacts of right to work, or RTW, on retired union members and their dependents, the three organizations concluded that RTW spells trouble for not only the citizens of Indiana, but also the state’s economy.

“Right to Work means Real Trouble and Worries for everyone in Indiana, because it potentially puts in jeopardy pensions, health care, and other benefits of union retirees and their legal dependents that have been established through collective bargaining,” said Elmer Blankenship, President of the Indiana Alliance.

The state Senate RTW bill has been passed in committee (6 to 4) and goes next to the full Senate for a vote. A state House panel sent the…

Right to Work for Less Town Hall Meeting LaPorte, IN

RTW Town Hall Meeting, La Porte Indiana Today


1104 6TH Street, La Porte

Today, January 10th at 5:00 PM CST

Come and find out what is at stake for workers and retirees.
This is so important as it will affect you, your children and your grand children for years to come.

Labor encourages as many local elected officials as possible to attend
Sponsored by the Central Labor Council of South Bend
Tony Flora, President
Mike O’Brien, United Steelworkers Sub District 4 Director

Mitch Daniels Will Not Disclose


For Immediate Release: Monday, January 9, 2012
Media Contact: Jeff Harris, Indiana State AFL-CIO, 317.632.9147

Pressure mounts on Daniels as more Hoosiers demand answers

INDIANAPOLIS – For seven days, Governor Mitch Daniels has refused to publicly disclose who is funding the barrage of television ads being aired around the state promoting his partisan right to work for less agenda, and has been unable to verify any of the claims in those commercials.

"It’s outrageous that Governor Daniels who likes to brag about being ‘transparent’ refuses to tell taxpaying Hoosiers who is secretly funding his attacks on their collective bargaining rights, nor is he willing to provide evidence to back up the claims he is making in these spots,” said Indiana State AFL-CIO President Nancy Guyott. "It is hypocritical and is a stain on his legacy.”

Jim Bopp, a Republican Party activist, filed the paperwo…

Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012 edition

Former Senator Santorum Loses Republican Caucuses in Iowa by Eight Votes
According to the Rasmussen Reports company, former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), coming off his photo finish with Mitt Romney in the Republican Iowa caucus, is now in second place nationally among Republican voters in the race for the party’s 2012 presidential nomination. Using the uncertified statewide vote totals tabulated as of Friday, Santorum finished second in Iowa on Tuesday night, losing to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney by only eight votes. “Alarmingly, Sen. Santorum has a lifetime score of just 2% on the Alliance’s Congressional Voting Record,” said Barbara J. Easterling, President of the Alliance. “His finish was exciting for political observers, but also terrifying for seniors.”

Politico reported that Santorum had spoken on the campaign trail last Sunday about the possibility of raising the retirement age, pointing out that allowing people to retire as early as 6…

National Football League Players Association on Right to Work

WASHINGTON—As NFL players, we know our success on the field comes from working together as a team. We’re not just a team of football players—we’re also the fans at games and at home, the employees who work the concession stands and the kids who wear the jerseys of our favorite football heroes. NFL players know what it means to fight for workers’ rights, better pensions and health and safety in the workplace.To win, we have to work together and look out for one another. Today, even as the city of Indianapolis is exemplifying that teamwork in preparing to host the Super Bowl, politicians are looking to destroy it trying to ram through so-called “right-to-work” legislation.“Right-to-work” is a political ploy designed to destroy basic workers’ rights. It’s not about jobs or rights, and it’s the wrong priority for Indiana.

The facts are clear—according to a January 2012 Economic Policy Institute briefing report (“Working Hard to Make Indiana Look Bad”), “right-to-work” will low…

Call Your Senator

Come to Indianapolis to help stop Right to Work for Less