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Another Fatlity at NIPSCO

NIPSCO Deaths And Injuries

• Journeyman lineman Jeff Cox died Friday as the result of injuries he suffered after an electrical accident in Marshall County on Feb. 16, 2008.

• Apprentice lineman Mike Nesius died Aug. 16, 2006.

• Kevin Reinhold, a journeyman lineman in Angola, IN, died Aug. 1, 2001.

• Since 2001, there have been at least a dozen electrical contacts, with five resulting in serious injury or amputation.

(Source: United Steel Workers Local 12775)

Let's not kid ourselves. We all know what the problem is at NIPSCO and NiSource.

Nipsco says they’re dealing with safety by trying to find out how an accident happened so that they can prevent similar accidents in the future. They call such an investigation, “Root Cause Analysis”.

NIPSCO also has implemented what they’re calling a “behavior-based safety process.”
By that, they mean, they’ll give their workers a little pat on the head when they keep from getting hurt, and heck, they may even give them a Chinese made jacket or a piece of…

We're Winning the War?? The Surge is Working??

3,973 U.S. soldiers dead

29,203 U.S. soldiers wounded

1,173,743 Iraq deaths

500 billion dollars spent

What has this guy been Smokin?

For My Misguided, Right Wing Christian Friends

I recommend this book to the far right wing Christians. The ones who are intolerant. The ones who side with the Pat Robertsons of the world in calling for the assassination of some world leaders. The ones who value the lives of those yet unborn more than the lives of those who have already taken their first breath. The ones who favor dropping bombs on the innocent and the invasion and occupation of other countries. The ones who favor the rich more than the middle class and the poor. The ones who hate. The ones who insist that everybody in the nation be like them. The ones who would lure immigrants with, “come on in, we know it’s against the law, but we’ll look the other way” for years, then turn around and wish to put them on freight trains back to their countries of origin. The ones who think themselves better than others. The ones who favor the death penalty. The ones who insist that their religion is somehow the only “true religion”. The ones who are in favor of merging companies, …

Callous NIPSCO Finally Pays

Dale Burnham was a retiree of NIPSCO. He passed away one year ago. His children just now received Dale's death benefit of $10,000.
As far as I know, this is a record for the length of time that NIPSCO was able to keep from paying such a benefit, beating their old record of eight months.
Justice prevailed.
Now Dale can rest in peace.

The NIPSCO Way is One Way

When it comes to sending out junk mail advertisements or a customers bill, NIPSCO is always right on schedule, quick on the draw, and doesn’t miss a lick.

When, on the other hand, NIPSCO has a bill of its own to pay, or a life insurance benefit to pay, or an OSHA fine to pay, it’s a horse of a different color. That’s for sure.

As for life insurance, because it takes so long for NIPSCO to pay a death benefit, it sure does make one wonder if, when people finally give up on them, someone at NIPSCO isn’t pocketing the money that should have been paid out to a widow or other beneficiary.

Perhaps some of NIPSCO’s high paid cheaters and investigators can figure out what’s happening.

NIPSCO……you got one heck of a problem…… and if you don’t get to the bottom of this on your own, you’re going to become a great story on the evening news.

Come on NIPSCO, be the good citizen you claim to be

If there are no competent management persons at NIPSCO able to pay an employee's death benefit, then please, will the most competent, incompetent management person please step forward and take over the NIPSCO benefit department so we can put a stop to this fiasco?

If the Benefit Department is located in a foreign country, please bring the whole department back home to Indiana.

Is NIPSCO a Cheat?

When NIPSCO fails to pay a negotiated death benefit to a deceased retiree's beneficiaries in a timely fashion so that they can pay final expenses such as funeral costs, taxes, pay off a mortgage loan or other personal debts, is the company just a plain old fashioned cheat?

Or......are they just being heartless, unfeeling, coldhearted, uncaring, insensitive, unsympathetic, cruel, cold, pitiless, harsh, unkind, ruthless and inconsiderate? what you owe!

NIPSCO, Get off your Duffs!

About a year ago, a member of our chapter of the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees who worked several years at the Northern Indiana Public Service Company passed away.

This retiree had three children.

He retired with union negotiated life insurance.

The sons sent in the required death certificates and other information and hoped to receive the death benefit within a reasonable length of time. It wasn’t forth coming.

One of the sons phoned me about three weeks ago and told me that the death benefit hadn’t been paid yet, and that after phoning the NIPSCO representative, was told that they couldn’t find the necessary paperwork. After mailing it to them once again, the representative phoned him and told him that they found the paperwork, but still no check was sent.

I phoned Mel Stasinski twice about this. I don’t know who he works for since NIPSCO contracts out so much of their work to Costa Rica, several other companies and perhaps several other countries, but I know he has someth…

Canadian Health Care

Mythbusting Canadian Health Care - Part I
By Sara Robinson
Published on

2008 is shaping up to be the election year that we finally get to have the Great American Healthcare Debate again. Harry and Louise are back with a vengeance. Conservatives are rumbling around the talk show circuit bellowing about the socialist threat to the (literal) American body politic. And, as usual, Canada is once again getting dragged into the fracas, shoved around by both sides as either an exemplar or a warning -- and, along the way, getting coated with the obfuscating dust of so many willful misconceptions that the actual facts about How Canada Does It are completely lost in the melee.

I'm both a health-care-card-carrying Canadian resident and an uninsured American citizen who regularly sees doctors on both sides of the border. As such, I'm in a unique position to address the pros and cons of both systems first-hand. If we're going to have this conversation, it wo…

Stimulate This

To try to stimulate the economy by handing people a few hundred bucks doesn't make any darned sense to me. What people need is jobs. Jobs that pay a living wage. And what this country needs is an infrustructure that won't fall down around our ears.
This stinking Iraq business that these nutty right wingers seem to be loving is ruining our country. Thank the Lord we'll be getting rid of this nut and his henchman in a few months. I hope it's not too late.

A tale of Two Debates – some thoughts

By Scott Marshall

The Democratic Debate

When John Edwards announced that he was suspending his bid for president, he said that he was proud of his campaign’s contribution to the presidential debates and its influence on the other Democratic party candidates. But, he said, it was time to get out of the way of history.

A turning point on history’s path took place in the Los Angeles debate last Thursday at the Kodak Theater between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Even before the debate began the voltage was high. The auditorium was packed with a great cross section of the vast democratic coalition that wants to defeat and roll back eight years of Bush and rightwing Republican domination. And yes they were equally divided between those who held up Hillary signs and those who held up Obama signs.

Even before either candidate walked on the stage the air was pregnant with hope, enthusiasm, energy and optimism. And though the TV cameras tended to focus on celebrities, the crowd was labor, all r…

You Owe It To Your Grandchildren To Tell Them The Truth About Social Security

President George W. Bush wants to convince people in their 20s that Social Security will not be there when they retire. It’s a lot easier to take something away from people if they don’t think they are going to get it anyway. He hopes you, your children, and your grandchildren won’t fight his privatization plan, which he isn’t telling anyone will drastically cut benefits.

Don’t fall for it.


If you want to receive less money when you retire, then Social Security privatization is right for you!

Young workers today would lose about $152,000 in benefits under the leading privatization plan.Workers who earn $58,560 today would face a 25% benefit cut if they retire in 2045 and a 42% benefit cut if they retire in 2075.
If you like the idea of supporting your elderly parents, then Social Security privatization is right for you!

Privatization will cut benefits, shrink nest eggs and create the risk of poor investments.
If you welcome shouldering an a…

Rebuilding the Labor Movement

By Lynn R. Williams

Prostrating himself before the rich, manipulating rules of free enterprise to benefit the few at the top, President Bush has bungled America's economy the way he did most of the businesses he managed before taking political office. Now, he's pushing a stimulus package that's essentially hush money -- some cash intended to mollify and silence the middle class.

It won't, however, provide immediate help to those most in need -- the poor desperate for a few more food stamps or the unemployed seeking an extension of unemployment compensation -- the very sort of aid that the Congressional Budget Office ranked as more effective than tax rebates for stimulating the economy.

In addition, Bush's plan, the one he pushed in his State of the Union address Monday night, won't accomplish any long-term, significant goals for this country. The kind of objectives that President Franklin D. Roosevelt set with his Works Progress Administration. The WPA employed pe…