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Strengthen Social Security, Don't cut it!

Members of the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees Chapter 30-18 say strengthen Social Security, don't cut it for our children and grand children. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Union Attacks = Workplace Safety in Jeopardy

Union Attacks = Workplace Safety in Jeopardy
Today is Workers Memorial Day, a day that we mourn for those hurt or killed on the job.  We also renew our fight for the living.  With 4,340 workplace deaths and roughly 50,000-60,000 deaths from occupational illnesses annually, this fight could not be more critical.  Steelworkers are fighting against bad policy nationwide that could further threaten our workplace safety and health.

Consider what’s at risk:

If proposed right to work legislation becomes law – One of the goals of this legislation is to harm a local’s ability to support itself financially.  As a result, locals could struggle to send members to safety trainings and to defend members who encounter safety and health concerns on the job.  In those states with right to work laws, workplace deaths are 52.9 percent higher than in non-right to work states.    A second recent study suggests that states that are working to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities should “consider encoura…

Strengthen Social Security, Don't Cut It!

Complain, complain

A lot of my friends have been complaining of having received so much rain here in northern Indiana the last week or so.

I'm loving it however, and so is my garden. I'll be eating fresh lettuce before too long and the possum and raccoons are being trapped left and right (the rain must bring them out of their holes).

Speaking of critters coming out of their holes.....look at the tea baggers, birthers and afterbirthers.
I'm just sorry that one of the birthers had to be from Indiana, that being birther Dan Burton.
What a disgrace.

Republicans Uncoupled

Republicans have completely disconnected themselves from main street America. They voted to do away with the Medicare program and it has infuriated the vast majority of Americans.

Republicans voting for the Paul Ryan budget which eliminates the guaranteed medical insurance for anyone reaching the age of 65 while at the same time providing more tax breaks for the richest Americans have shot themselves in the foot and provided the proof of where their priorities and values are.

Republibirthers Want Us to Work 'Til We Die

The Truth about Chris Chocola

"I very much support universal coverage. We actually have universal coverage now, it's called the emergency room."
Former Indiana congressman, Chris Chocola, President of the right wing crazy club for growth giving his opinion on universal healthcare. And this guy appeared on "Hard Ball" today trying to advise people who they should vote for? Give me a break.

Indiana Republicans are some of the nations worst

The Indiana House of Representatives has taken House Bill 575 which is the bill authored by State Senator, Ed Charbonneau and which takes away the ability of teachers to bargain for working conditions and has included taking away the rights of every school employee to bargain a contract including those who work in kitchens and cafeterias and busses.

Boy, I'll tell you what, these Republicans in Indiana are sure doing a job on working men and women.

During the last campaign for my state senator, I was assured that Ed Charbonneau was a fair person when it came to workers. Well, I've met him and spoken to him and he is indeed a personable guy but the idea that he is fair to workers is just down right false.

Shame, shame on the whole lot of them.

All about the deficit from Big Mike

Republicans have gone koo koo

The Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are trying to pass a budget which would privatize Medicare by giving seniors a voucher to buy their own medical insurance from insurance companies.
The Republicans have lost their minds.

Flying Fish in the Wabash

Saw hurts ears

I've been playing the musical saw for about four months now. Strangest thing is that it sounds great and actually beautiful, to me but when I listen to a recording of my playing it, it sounds terrible.

My wife makes me go outside to play the darned thing. Went out on the porch and was playing a tune and when I looked up there were eight cats watching me which makes me believe that it must sound good to someone......I mean thing.

GOP offers no death panels, just death from lack of care

By Leo W. Gerard

Republicans concocted death panels in an attempt to terrify Americans about health care reform, then propagated the lie because they wanted insurance corporations to profit from illness and injury unfettered.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed anyway, but now the GOP has announced that it plans to kill the reform, and Medicaid and Medicare too.

In one fell swoop, Republicans would foreclose on Americas’ long-held and cherished expectation that they’ll receive health coverage from their government in their old age, impoverishment or infirmity. For the elderly, poor, unemployed, disabled and juvenile who can’t afford insurance, the GOP offers no death panels, just death from lack of care.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), chairman of the House Budget Committee, disclosed the GOP scheme to massacre Medicare and Medicaid. Instead of the government directly paying for medical services for the elderly and impoverished, Republicans would shift costs to states and…

The Leadership America Deserves

Republicans want to Get Rid of Medicare

Marchers Rally to Save the Middle Class

On April, 4, workers all over America rallied to support a workers right to have a contract with their employer that allows them to bargain for wages, benefits and working conditions. This was done to protest the many ways that the state governments are trying to remove the last bulkhead between the Wall Street and CEO greed and Americans that have the least, which would eliminate the middle class that unions have provided us.

Here are a few photos of yesterdays actions.

How the World Really Turns

Proponents of taking bargaining rights away from Hoosier teachers for everything except wages and wage related benefits site some of the most idiotic reasons. They complain that contracts in some schools down in Crawford County and East Chicago require a certain temperature for classrooms. Well, some point in those schools history, some lame brained administrator thought he's save energy by keep the thermostats set at 50 degrees. Either that, or because of his cold heart, he insisted the temperatures be set at 90 degrees.

Another contract requires that the teachers' lounge be attractive, comfortable and spacious. Why? Because years ago some wild eyed, hippie principal on LSD insisted the lounge walls be painted black. Either that, or he wouldn't allow the stinking walls to be painted even though the plaster was falling off the ceiling.

Other contracts say that if teachers will be layed off, teachers with equal seniority break the tie by using their birth dates i…

March to stop the freeloaders

By Leo W. Gerard - 04/01/11 09:29 AM ET

The nation’s greedy corporations and insatiable wealthy are fattening themselves on workers. There’s no trickle down. It’s the opposite; the rich have been sucking the economic lifeblood from the middle class for decades.

When reckless Wall Street banksters get taxpayer-funded bailouts, billionaires get tax breaks and gigantic corporations like GE and Bank of America pay absolutely no federal income taxes, they’re getting for free the very public services that enable them to make massive profits in this country – the courts, the roads, the trade regulators, the patent enforcement.

The middle class doesn’t get those big time special deals and loopholes. Workers pay their taxes. As a result, it’s workers footing the bill for the government services that enrich the rich. Greedy corporations, their CEOs and the right-wing politicians they buy with tens of millions in campaign cash are freeloaders.

It’s time workers stood up to the freeloaders. Join …