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A Modest Proposal-How about a trickle-up Bailout instead of trickle down

A modest proposal:
How about a trickle-up Bailout instead of trickle down.

By Scott Marshall

Perhaps the biggest fault of the bailout being debated (possibly passed by the time you read this) is that it is based on the idea that the relief given to Wall Street will trickle down to hard-hit working class folks on Your Street.

Who knows? Given that the underlying problem of crazy predatory mortgages and lending practices, and the housing bubble are not fundamentally addressed, then the bailout could just as well not avert a meltdown. Most people you talk to don’t have much confidence that the bailout will slow foreclosures, unemployment, or declining incomes.

But what if the bailout went the other way? What if taxpayers bailout themselves and then the benefit trickled up?

How could you do it? What if everyone who has lost a home to foreclosure in the last year, or is in foreclosure, or is behind on their house payments, got a bailout directly from the Treasury? This would be a direct injectio…

Bail out

I really don't know what to make of the presidents request that we all bail out Wallstreet. I've heard so many pros and cons that I'm confused, for sure.
I do know this however. Who ever termed it "bailout" made a big mistake.
We're all pretty sick of seeing these stinking corporations being "bailed out".
Another thing is that George W. Bush cried wolf once before in getting us into that stinking Iraq war, so I can understand why many people wouldn't want to believe him. He's lied too much. Weapons of mass destruction, etc.
The Republicans, are always for less regulation and oversite and for eight long years now we have had an administration that has been more loyal to companies and corporations than real working people.
These CEO's with their exorbitant salaries and golden parachutes have put the American people in total disgust of them. I'm not sure what this "bail out" would have done to these salaries and golden parachutes, …

WHAT??? NO Lapel Pin????

Do my eyes deceive me? I lost my glasses but even when I click on the photo above, I can't see a flag lapel pin on John McSame. Do Republicans want to suggest that Mr. McSame isn't patriotic??

Porter County Commissioners Disrespectful

For what it may be worth to the citizens of Porter County.

The other day I attended a meeting of the Porter County Commissioners.
The experience was not pleasant.
There was not a working sound system, but the room was so small that they shouldn’t have needed one anyway.
There were many people in attendance, mostly senior citizens, and yet these Commissioners spoke in such soft voices that nobody could hear what the heck they were saying.
They gave no consideration to the people in attendance and spoke so softly that nobody could hear a thing that was being said.
What a bunch of lily livered public servants.
Very disrespectful.
I don’t have a nickel in it being from Starke County, but I can say that if I were living in Porter County, I’d be wanting to attend one of these meetings to find out just which of these Commissioners should be given the boot.
This is what sometimes happens to people once they get a job in government. They think all of a sudden that they don't have to be considerate …

McCain secretly plans new tax on middle class

By Leo W. Gerard
United Steelworkers
International President

John McCain should not be traveling in a bus called the Straight Talk Express.
No, that equivocating multimillionaire who kowtows constantly to the wealthy should be riding in one of those private, gilded railroad cars.
That would be symbolically appropriate as well since he is trying to railroad the middle class on taxes.
He is actually proposing a brand new tax on the middle class.
This has gotten so little attention it is astounding. And frightening, frankly, as television reporters and commentators focus instead on inane incidents like the lipstick-on-pigs remark.
McCain intends to tax workers for the value of health insurance that they receive from their employers.
Although it’s not included in the description of his plan on his web site. It is, however, on the site of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that specializes in health policy.
I understand McCain neglecting to mention this new tax o…

Georgia Pacific is a Lousy Corporate Citizen

Is Georgia Pacific a Good Corporate Citizen?

Georgia Pacific in Wheatfield, Indiana is a lousy corporate citizen. As I understand it, that doesn’t hold true for much of the Georgia Pacific Corporation, but the plant in Wheatfield that produces gypsum wallboard has decided to go against their company policy. They take from the community in the form of labor, and treat the citizens of Wheatfield who work at the plant like trash.

A good corporate citizen would, once employees vote to have a union, honestly bargain in good faith with the union to reach an agreement that both the employees and the company are willing to live by.

But no, Georgia Pacific in Wheatfield has decided instead to cut wages and benefits for their workers and lollygag and delay with the negotiations.

You know what?—If they think that the company as a whole doesn’t have anything to lose by this un-American activity, they’re sadly mistaken.

Those hotshots from Georgia Pacific down in Georgia better come to the realizatio…

Facts about Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific produces wallboard at a facility located in Wheatfield, Indiana.In March of 2007 over seventy percent of the men and women who work at the GP Gypsum Wheatfield facility voted to unionize. Their primary goal was to eliminate favoritism and reach a fair collective bargaining agreement.Last year GP Gypsum made 45 million in profits.The union negotiating team started meeting with Company representatives 14 months ago. Instead of sharing their impressive success with their workforce, the company has demanded:Wage cutsCuts in vacationReduced funeral leaveElimination of Long Term Disability Insurance paid for by the employeesRestriction on Employees ability to increase their Life Insurance paid for by employees.The strategy of avoiding reaching a contract for as long as possible is widely practiced in order to eliminate unions. Studies show that 32% of companies fail to reach a first contract with their workers a year after they choose union representation.The Employee Free C…

For my Republican Friends

After watching the Republican pick for Vice President of the United States, Governor Sandra Palin, and hearing her belittle Barack Obama's accomplishments as a Community Organizer in Chicago, I came across this quote from Connie Mabin.

"Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor."

In response to this statement, Greg Olear added, "Pontius Pilate was a governor of an outpost of the Empire, kinda like, you know, Alaska."

Brothers and Sisters, the Republican picks for President and Vice President offer another four years of Bush like policies and attitudes.

It's very true that we simply cannot afford four more years of Bush/McCain. It would mean more hate, more torture, more war, more losing of good jobs, more ignoring of our veterans, more ignoring of the American people, more tearing down of our infrastucture and more privatizing.

Let's vow to not let this happen.

Statehouse Candidate of the Week: Nancy Dembowski

Nancy Dembowski, is the AFL-CIO endorsed candidate for House District 17. As a long time member of the Steelworker Organization of Active Retirees, and the wife of a Steelworker, she understands full well the benefits the union provides for working families in Indiana. She is dedicated to continuing her service to working Hoosiers as a state representative, especially when corporate interests are pushing dangerous Right-to-Work for less laws in the statehouse.

Representative Dembowski strongly opposes the Right-to-Work for less, because, "I personally know how important the benefits of the union are and would not vote for any legislation that jeopardized the strength of unions to collectively bargain. I am strongly opposed to Right-to-Work for less laws because they simply destroy unions and also end up decreasing wages for all workers."

But in order to make it back to the Indiana statehouse to stand up for Hoosier working families and fight Right-to-Work for less, Representa…

Labor Day FAQs

Q: When is Labor Day?_
A: Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. In 2008, Labor Day will fall on Sept. 1.

Q: Why do we celebrate Labor Day?_

A: Labor Day honors the contributions of working men and women to America’s social and economic life. In 2007, Labor Day celebrations included a blend of picnics, parades and politics as well as the launch of a massive drive to fix our broken healthcare system.

Q: When was Labor Day first celebrated in the United States? _

A: After the first Labor Day in New York City, celebrations began to spread to other states as workers fought to win workplace rights and better working conditions and wages at a time when they had little power.
In 1893, New York City workers took an unpaid day off and marched around Union Square in support of a national Labor Day. The following year, 12,000 federal troops were called into Pullman, Ill., to break up a huge strike against the Pullman railway company and two workers were shot and killed…