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What Conservatives Are Doing

Republicans, after handing billions of dollars to the Wall Street crooks, want the big three auto companies to go belly up.

They want to compare the workers in Right to Work states that have no union organization to those states who have organized workers.

It's the race to the bottom.

Since workers without a union have to pay most or all of their Medical Insurance, and have no pensions, these Republicans are saying that the members of the United Auto Workers should be in the same boat in order to become competitive.

What we really need is the Employee Free Choice Act, so those workers in southern states can bargain collectively for better wages, working conditions, and benefits.

If the "big three" are forced into bankruptcy, millions of workers will lose their jobs. Foundry workers, rubber workers, Steelworkers and others. The retirees will lose part of their pensions and will lose their medical insurance.

Those calling for this to happen are getting their wages paid by us, their pensions paid by us, their medical insurance paid by us.

The Right to Work (for less) people need to stop dividing workers.


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