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Will There be Justice from Unfair Trade?

July 28, 2009

U.S. tire workers in consumer tire-producing operations are at the losing end of a surge in tire
imports from China. This surge has a direct link to the 25 percent decline in U.S. production and the resulting 7,000 workers who are being impacted by factory shutdowns and slated shutdowns.

These are family and community supportive jobs that are disappearing because China isn’t
playing by the rules, and the Steelworkers are taking action through a trade case to help right this wrong.

It’s time to make a break from the failed trade policy of the past.

This case has far-reaching implications for many USW industries beyond just tire. If we lose, we can expect more industries to be harmed. If we win, we start on a course of trade law enforcement where U.S. workers get a fair shot.

China’s Unfair Trading Practices are Not New

The artificial level of imports has a direct connection to China’s distorted, non-market economy and manipulation of its currency. There are numerous cases in the U.S. where China was found to disregard our trade rules and dump or subsidize exports to our market. The impact has been loss of jobs and wages for workers in many industries – just like what is happening in the tire industry now.

The USW Takes Action

Section 421 of the Trade Act of 1974 gives us recourse when a flood of imports from China disrupts our markets and causes harm to U.S. workers and industries. China agreed to these rules when they became a member of the World Trade Organization. Recently, the International Trade Commission affirmed our case, ruling that China violated its WTO commitments on surges related to the U.S. tire market. Now the case moves on to the President for a final determination on whether or not relief will be granted.

The President Now Holds the Key

In four previous 421 cases where the ITC found injury, the President at the time – George W. Bush –refused to provide relief. Currently, President Obama is feeling heavy pressure from the job-exporting crowd to keep the status quo. The President has until September 17 to make his decision. It is very important that he hears from us on this case and understands how important this issue is. This is not just about the tire industry; it’s about the future of American manufacturing!

Act to Support U.S. Jobs!

Write a Note to Ask for Relief in the Tire Trade Case TODAY!

The outcome of this case has farreaching implications for industries beyond just tire. A win means that we can start on a course of trade law enforcement; a loss will send a strong message to China that they can continue these practices without fear of recourse, leading to even more job loss.

• We all have something at stake. This case is about all workers who have lost jobs or are threatened with job loss from import surges from China. It’s also about the other industries that could be impacted if this case is lost, and the families and communities that will be left to deal with the consequences. When we were fighting to save the steel industry, the local that wrote the most letters of any local in the country was a tire local in Union City, Tennessee. Today, that same local is slated to close because of this issue. Let’s stand in solidarity with them – and with all who have been at the losing end in trade fights – to push for a new direction.

• Our timeline is very short! We need our Rapid Response teams to quickly mobilize on
this issue. The President has until September 17 to make a decision whether or not relief will be granted. Letters need to flood the White House well in advance of that deadline so that we can both make our voices heard and counter the job-exporters who are mobilizing to defeat this case.

Action Instructions

1 – Write a note to President Obama. Make sure to ask him to:
Please support a strong remedy in the Section 421 case on passenger and light truck tires.
Other points you might want to make:

• You have said that the future of America is tied to the future of manufacturing in America. Through a strong remedy, you have the opportunity to turn those words into action.

• The world is watching your actions on this case to see if your Administration will stand
up for American manufacturing and American workers.

• As a voting American and a supporter of a strong American manufacturing sector and good manufacturing jobs in the United States, I urge you to act by applying adequate relief to stop the market disruption, such as recommended by the International Trade Commission.

• For too long, China’s violations have not been curbed by any strong and meaningful enforcement. That has resulted in an exodus of manufacturing jobs. It has also encouraged China to continue these violations with impunity.

• Much must be done to stabilize manufacturing and rebuild our capacity to make things
in America. Enforcement of trade rules is a critical part of that rebuilding process. Make sure to include your address at the bottom of your note.

2 – Mail your letter to the White House.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

3 – Please Act Immediately.

Because of the hard deadline in this case, this action requires a quick response. We need to
generate as many letters as soon as possible to make a swift impact. The sooner we get the letters in, the greater the chance of a win.

4 – Questions?

Call the USW Rapid Response Hotline Toll-Free at:

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