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Phone or email your Congressman today

The House will likely vote on their health care bill tomorrow, a bill that guarantees quality, affordable health care for all and gives us a choice of a public health insurance option. It meets all of our principles and deserves to be passed.

Yesterday, I participated in a conference call sponsored by the Alliance for Retired Americans. I learned a few things about the U.S. House of Representatives health reform bill HR3962 and want to share what I learned with you.

  • The AARP and the American Medical Association have both endorsed the bill.
  • The bill will strengthen the Medicare Trust Fund.
  • Without reform, in 2010, every couple will pay an additional $90 per year in their Part B premiums just to subsidize the so called “Medicare Advantage” private insurance plans.
  • The bill will begin to close the Medicare Part D Donut Hole. In 2010, those who find themselves in the Donut Hole would see a 50% decrease in their drug costs.
  • The bill would develop policies to more quickly allow those high tech biological drugs (such as cancer drugs) to become generic drugs.
  • Currently, an insurance company can charge premiums for a 64 year old eleven times what the premium for a 24 year old would be charged.
  • The new bill would eliminate the co pays (out of pocket costs) for preventive care.
  • Without healthcare reform, physicians face a 21% cut in pay.
  • The bill allows for bulk purchasing of prescription drugs for Medicare recipients.
  • It also allows Medicare to negotiate for prescription drug prices with the drug companies.
  • The new bill would develop incentives to reward affective transitional care from hospital to follow up physician care.
  • It would also have incentives to help reduce hospital infections.

If you haven’t phoned or emailed your congressman, please do so today because congress will vote on it tomorrow (Saturday). They need to vote for HR3962.


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