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Crazy people in Congress

Over the past several months, we have worked hard to help congress and President Obama finally pass legislation that reforms our health care system and we were successful.

Because of these reforms, today:

  • Children can remain on their parents’ policy until they reach age 26.
  • Insurance companies can no longer impose annual or lifetime limits on payment for care.
  • You can’t be charged extra for obtaining emergency care at an emergency room that isn’t in the insurance company’s network of providers.
  • Your coverage can’t be canceled when you get ill and no child can be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.
  • Insurance companies must spend a certain percentage of the premiums they collect on actual care.
  • Retirees on Medicare who end up in the Medicare Part D donut hole will get a 50% discount on brand named drugs.
  • Those on Medicare can get free screening for cancer and other diseases.
Anti working family and retiree forces were successful in becoming the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and today they become the majority.

Since right wingers only consider passing legislation that causes human pain, misery, suffering or death, one of the first things on their agenda is to take away these much needed benefits.

Fortunately, working families and retirees still have a majority in the U.S. Senate and we have a friend (President Obama) in the White House.

So, you must ask yourselves, why would Republicans try to overturn this health care reform legislation when they know full well that they’re wasting their time? The answer is plain and simple. They want to put on a show for their insurance company friends.

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