Sunday, August 07, 2011

I'll Miss Ray Bockman

Here’s a photo of Joyce Bockman on the left and Ray Bockman taking registrations for our SOAR Chapter Retirees Reunion. That was a job that Ray would ask for every year.
In 1979 there was a vacancy in the position of Grievance Committeeman in the NIPSCO Wabash Valley Division. At the time, Ray was the Grievance Committeeman in the Construction Department. Ray nominated me and because there were no other nominations, I got the job.
When I retired, we started a SOAR chapter for NIPSCO retirees and Ray and Joyce have always been faithful to our chapter.
I’ve never known Ray to be late for any event but always came early. He wouldn’t stand for anyone else being late either. He was quite a guy. He made a point of being at every NIPSCO stock holders meeting.
Ray was one of the most loyal and faithful union members I've ever known. I have a lot of great memories about Ray and I’m going to miss him.

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