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Social Security is not an "entitlement"

The word "entitlement" suggests that Social Security is some sort of undeserved benefit. It's not. It's an earned benefit and hasn't got one thing to do with the stinking deficit.
The Social Security trust fund is worth 2.6 trillion dollars and in ten years it will be worth over 3.7 trillions dollars. It has the full faith and credit of the United States and the Treasury Notes are solid as a rock. It is able to pay full Social Security benefits for the next 25 years and that could be extended indefinitely by simply make those earning over 250 grand per year pay all year like the rest of workers.
To bring down the deficit, stop starting wars, tax the tax cheating corporations, create good paying jobs, make millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share and stop allowing China to manipulate their currency.
This so called "super committee" will be meeting behind closed doors very soon and we should be able to view their negotiations and know how each one of those birds is voting.
We shouldn't tolerate decreasing the deficit on the backs of retirees and seniors. If we do, we all be very, very sorry we allowed it to happen.
Seniors haven't had an increase in their Cost of Living in two years. And now the right wingers are talking about making the formula even worse, In other words, they think zero is way to much of an increase for seniors.
Down with the tea party, they know not what they do.


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