Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are Republicans Evil?

Are Republicans in the Indiana General Assembly evil for wanting to pass a so called Right to Work bill and are Republicans in general evil as well? I don’t think so.

I know Republicans who are good people. So why would they sit idly by while the General Assembly tries to pass this legislation other than that they are just plain ignorant of what the bill would do to them, their loved ones or their neighbors.

If it were possible to sit down and discuss the ramifications of the unintended consequences such as lower wages and benefits on the job, the weakening of the ability of workers to have democracy in the work place, the weakening of the entities that support a minimum wage, the lack of any organization to lobby to strengthen the unemployment laws and child labor laws and workers compensation laws and the invitation to workers to just plain freeload by reaping the benefits of collective bargaining and at the same time not help to fund the very organization that helps them and the hate and discontent in the work place that will result, the General Assembly wouldn’t be trying so hard to pass it and your Republican neighbors would be against it.

Unfortunately, the general public isn’t aware of the harm that will result if Right to Work becomes law because the name of the law is so misleading and the remainder of those who are supporting the law and the die hard Republicans who think the Republican Party is the correct party to belong to because of the household they grew up in with parents who were members of it and gave them that impression.

So are these people actually evil? The answer in most cases, I declare, is no. They are simply ignorant of the facts and are poor misguided souls.

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