Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Are Better Off !!!

The question has been asked during the current Presidential campaign, are we better off with President Obama? The facts are clear, if one cares about the facts, then the answer is YES.

When President Obama took office, our economy was going off an economic cliff in a free fall created by big banks, wall street misdeeds and other factors, including failed bad trade agreements that cost us millions of good paying manufacturing jobs, the attack on workers’ rights and their unions, the establishment of more debt on the shoulders of the middle class and the destruction of real estate markets and home values. It was the worst recession since the 1920s and we were on the edge of a great depression. We were losing over 750,000 jobs per month, and had a Federal deficit of several trillion dollars.

These are the conditions that President Obama inherited; created by the policies of eight years of Republican leadership and policies that some think we ought to do over again. These policies include the idea that if the wealthy are taken care of it will trickle down to the rest of us. I think we’ve been trickled on.

The Obama administration, in the face of Republican obstruction, has reversed these horrible conditions that he inherited and has had a consistent record of job growth. I know things are still not good and the working-middle class is still struggling. It will take time to reverse the conditions that took decades to create, but yes, things are better under President Obama and more importantly are heading in the right direction.

As paraphrased by President Clinton the argument by the Republicans for their election is: “yes we left you a mess-you didn’t clean it up fast enough, so elect us.”

We simply can’t take the chance; the policies being pursued by the Republicans are economically dangerous to seniors and the working-middle class. 

Bill Gibbons, PACE Representative for SOAR

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