Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Differences Between Union and Non-union Compensation

In 2011 union members were making an average wage difference of $3.51 per hour. That’s a total over $7,300 per year on a straight time basis or over $140.00 per week more for union members.

The benefit costs are even greater. Union members enjoy a $7.11 per hour more ($14.67 vs. $7.56 per hr.) That’s over $14,788 more per year for union members vs. nonunion or over $284.00 more per week in benefits for the union member.

Union members have better retirement plans, insurance plans, holidays, vacations, etc.

The total union member advantage per year on a straight time basis is over $22,000 more per year or $424.00 more per week.

It should not be forgotten that union contracts provide numerous other rights that no cost can cover, like fair treatment, just cause standards protecting employees from unfair, unjust discipline and seniority rights covering promotional opportunities, etc.

Basically, a right at the table and democracy on the job.

Is it any wonder why so many in corporate America and the greedy are so viciously and wrongly attacking organized labor?


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