Friday, October 04, 2013

I.U. Health's Well Kept Secret

I.U. Health’s Well Kept Secret

Recently, I was diagnosed with a problem which required surgery. My family doctor, Dr. Dennis Dalphond in North Judson, scheduled an appointment with a specialist in Laporte, IN. After additional testing was done, I was instructed to make an appointment with a surgeon.  I was given the choice of three surgeons from which to choose. All were in LaPorte.

I preferred having the procedure done in Knox and I asked if there was a physician on the list from here.  I was told that there was a general surgeon in Knox but they didn’t know if this surgeon was “recommended” for this surgery. After waiting ten days with no call back, and getting the impression that the hospital in Laporte didn’t want the hospital in Knox to do the job, I called the office of Dr. Mangalore Subba Rao at the Starke Hospital and Physicians and was given an appointment.

I want everyone to know how great the employees at the Starke County hospital are and that their surgeons are second to none.  All were wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. Everyone I came in contact with was kind and considerate, treated me with dignity and respect.  All were professional in every way, from the maintenance people to the  technicians, nurses, and surgeon.

The next time you need professional healthcare, my recommendation for people in the Knox area is to give the Starke Hospital and Physicians a try. You’ll be glad you did. I hope more patients will be encouraged to use IU Starke Hospital. 

Many thanks to Starke Hospital and Physicians employees, and special thanks to Dr. Mangalore Subba Rao.

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