Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Call Your Senators Today

If you haven’t phoned or contacted your U.S. Senators about the need to extend unemployment compensation for those who haven’t been able to find employment, this morning is the time to do it.

Senate Democrats, this morning, at 10 am, will try to continue debating this important legislation. They will need 60 votes.

If you want a good example of how far the right wing will go to cause human pain, misery, suffering or  death, just watch them on C-span.

Their argument is expected to be something like “oh, we want to help those people who haven’t been able to find a job, but we have to pay for it first.” This is a pretty weak argument because they were willing to shut down down the government a month or so ago, and the cost of that fiasco is estimated to have cost $24 billion.

One phone number that you can always rely on to contact your congressperson or Senators is the Senior Flash Hotline at 800-998-0180.

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Steve A said...

The REAL story is quite different. As in no real attempt to deal with anybody than lefty Dems for a media photo op.