Friday, March 14, 2014

Letter to Indiana CD2 Jackie Walorski

Indiana has always had a proud manufacturing tradition but unless we do something to create more jobs, that tradition will be a thing of the past. We've lost 183,400 manufacturing jobs since 2000!  The way to get good jobs back is to crack down on currency manipulation. It's one of the chief reasons America's trade deficit was $456 billion last year. But a new report by the Economic Policy Institute says that Indiana could create 152,600 jobs by 2015 if we simply stamped out currency manipulation. In North Central Indiana, 20,000 jobs could be created, which makes our Congressional District sixth in the nation in the amount of jobs that could be created if Congresswoman Jackie Walorski and others stood up to unfair trade.

There is a bill in congress that would do that. HR 1276 would take countries like Communist China to task for rigging their exchange rate to cheat American companies and workers out of business. But it needs more support, and Representative Jackie Walorski hasn't added her name yet. Representative Walorski, will you help fight currency manipulation? We need to get serious about job creation, and these issues are one and the same.

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