Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Working at the polls is not an easy job

On the evening of May 5, I received a phone call asking me if I would serve as a "judge" in a voting place the following day. I agreed to help even though I had no idea what I would be asked to do.

I reported at 5 am on primary election day and was dismissed at 6:30 pm.

On election day in past years, I simply went to the polls to vote. Oh, on occasion, I've helped as, what I would call,  a runner, taking the elderly or those who needed transportation to the polling place, or simply going around to different locations to find out voting information as to who might need to be reminded to vote. That sort of stuff but never actually working inside.

I've always taken the process for granted. It just seemed to just work pretty well and I never questioned it or even realized how much work is involved in making sure the voting goes well.

For this, I'm a little bit ashamed.

I now admire those who are willing to give up an entire day to undertake such a thankless duty. I appreciate and thank all of them now.

What they make look like a pretty easy job is actually pretty stressful and not at all easy.

Thanks to all of you who have ever done this type of job.

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