Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Lesser Of Two Evils

The election season is upon us. Therefore, a look at the two leading presidential candidates is in order. On one side, we have a candidate that refuses to release the transcripts of speeches given to bankers and has, in the past, supported bad trade agreements. The other leading candidate has said American worker’s wages are too high and condemns companies that move jobs out of the country; while choosing to have his company make suits and ties that could be made in America, made in China and third world countries.

I believe we, as a country, are getting what we asked for. With continued low voter turnout and allowing unlimited financial contributions, we have put ourselves in a spot where, after years of us saying by voter apathy, that we do not care who gets elected. We have left that decision up to a select group of wealthy individuals.

Do not believe the rhetoric about self-financed campaigns or millions of small contributions. In order to win the presidential election, both sides will spend a BILLION DOLLARS each! One candidate has so far LOANED his campaign most of its money. He will be expecting those loans paid back. The other has had a fundraiser that required a $350K contribution per couple.  Both will need money and those who make big contributions will be expecting a return on their investment.

Until term limits, public financed elections and increased voter participation become a reality, we need to look at the party platform of the two parties and determine which platform has our best interests at heart. Do we think the economy works best from top down or bottom up? Are we better off acting as individuals or as a group?  Should we help out each other when help is needed or let everyone fend for themselves?

Not real tough questions and pretty easy answers. So vote for the lesser of two evils on Election Day. 

Bill Pienta, SOAR President

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Anonymous said...

Nonsense. I will vote blue no matter who, but I will be voting for a great candidate either way. I hope it's Hillary, since she is the most qualified, trusted and fully vetted candidate there is. You don't speak for all SOAR members. Many of us love our candidates.😍