Monday, January 02, 2017

Elections Have Consequences

With the election of a Republican Congress and President, I have great concerns regarding the future of retirees and workers. It is no secret that the agenda of many of these Republicans is to do away with Medicare as we know it and attack Social Security, attack Unions by having a national “Right To Work” (for less law) and to attack many Executive Orders that President Obama enacted including; improved overtime pay, more transparency in Union organizing campaigns on the spending of company money to defeat employee organizing efforts, eliminate prevailing wages on government contracts, etc. This, all in the name of eliminating regulations.

We will also be confronted with the possible appointment of anti-Union and corporate interest individuals to the Supreme Court and regulatory agencies. For example, the Trump business is fighting the employees in Las Vegas who are trying to form a Union. He will now have the right to appoint members to the National Labor Relations Board that will tilt the scales not only in his business interest but throughout the Country.

This is my opinion and I hope we are not confronted with the possibilities, but we must pay attention, and be prepared to oppose such anti-worker, anti-union efforts and those that will attack the welfare of retirees including Social Security and Medicare and health care benefits of over 20 million people who could lose them if the ACA is eliminated. 

p.s. By the way shouldn’t we be concerned and demand an investigation over the involvement of Russia in our Presidential election? 

Bill Gibbons, PACE Representative

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