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Keep the snow and ice off your windshield

Now, take it from a guy who keeps his car out of the garage all winter. Don’t waste time and effort scraping snow and ice off of your windshield.

Get a nice big piece of cardboard from your nearest electronics or appliance store big enough to cover the width of your windshield. Punch a couple holes in each end. Cut two pieces of elastic about the length of the width of the cardboard and insert the ends in the holes of each end of the cardboard. Pull the ends through the holes and tie them together.

Lift the windshield wiper blades up and leave them up.

Center the cardboard on the windshield and pull the elastic over the side view mirrors. Do this every night and before an expected snow storm.

One of those big boxes used for the new television sets works great. Ask for a box from their display televisions. Then you can make two covers, keeping one in the garage. In the morning, or after the snow stops, pull it off the windshield and put it in the trunk.

Source: A poor member of the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR)
No Charge for this tip.


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