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Organizations that have endorsed the Employee Free Choice Act:

The following organizations have endorsed the Employee Free Choice Act:

  • Alliance for Justice
  • Alliance for Retired Americans
  • American Friends Service Committee
  • American Library Association – Allied Professional Association
  • American Public Health Association (resolution)
  • American Rights at Work
  • Americans for Democratic Action
  • Americans United for Change
  • A. Philip Randolph Institute
  • Apollo Alliance
  • Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance
  • Black Leadership Forum
  • Business Responds to AIDS/Labor Responds to AIDS (BRTA/LRTA)
  • California Church Impact
  • Center for American Progress
  • Center for America’s Future
  • Center for Community Change
  • Center for Corporate Policy
  • Change America Now
  • Church Women United
  • Clergy and Laity Network United for Justice
  • Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
  • Coalition of Contingent Academics Labor
  • Coalition of Labor Union Women (resolution—PDF)
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations
  • Coalition on Human Needs
  • Coalition of Immokalee Workers
  • Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
  • Cornell University LGBT Center
  • Demos
  • Democratic National Committee
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Earth Action Network
  • Empire State Pride in New York State
  • Equality South Carolina
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • Gamaliel Foundation – Transportation Equity Group
  • Grassroots Policy Project
  • Gray Panthers
  • Gray Panthers – Austin, Texas
  • Gray Panthers of California
  • Gray Panthers of Berkeley, Calif.
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Human Rights Watch (resolution)
  • Interfaith Worker Justice
  • Japanese-American Citizens League
  • Jewish Labor Committee
  • Jobs with Justice
  • Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
  • Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (report)
  • League of Rural Voters
  • League of United Latin American Citizens
  • Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • Michigan ACLU
  • National Association of Consumer Advocates
  • National Baptist Convention of America
  • National Center for Trangender Equality
  • National Consumers League
  • National Council of Women’s Organizations
  • National Employment Law Project
  • National Federation of Filipino American Associations
  • National Immigration Law Center
  • National Latino Congreso (resolution)
  • National Employment Lawyers Association
  • National Partnership for Women and Families
  • National Puerto Rican Coalition
  • National Resources Defense Council
  • National Stonewall Democrats
  • National Women's Political Caucus
  • National Workrights Institute (resolution)
  • NDN
  • NOW California
  • Operation BIG VOTE
  • Pax Christi USA (resolution)
  • People for the American Way
  • Presbyterian Church USA – Washington, D.C., office
  • Press Associates Union News Service
  • Pride at Work
  • Progressive Jewish Alliance
  • Progressive Maryland
  • Progressive States Network
  • Queer Organizing Coalition
  • San Francisco Board of Supervisors
  • Sierra Club
  • Sojourners/Call to Renewal
  • Tikkun/The Network of Spiritual Progressives
  • United Church of Christ - Justice and Witness Ministries
  • United for a Fair Economy
  • United Methodist Church – General Board of Church and Society (resolution—PDF)
  • United Nations Association of the National Capital Area
  • United for Peace and Justice
  • United States Student Association
  • United Students Against Sweatshops
  • United University Professors
  • Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
  • USAction
  • U.S. Labor Against the War
Source: AFL-CIO


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