Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Buy American Resolution

2009 Resolution on the Spending of
Federal Economic Renewal Grants to


WHEREAS, the economic downturn is having a critical impact on everyday Americans who are struggling to maintain or find jobs in an increasingly difficult environment, and

WHEREAS, those same Americans are the taxpayers that provide the revenue needed to operate essential government services, and

WHEREAS, Congress and President Obama are planning a taxpayer-sponsored economic recovery package that will provide billions of dollars to help economically devastated cities and states immediately provide jobs to millions of out-of-work Americans through considerable infrastructure rebuilding, green energy projects and other projects that will require manufactured components, and

WHEREAS, our taxpayer dollars should be spent to maximize the creation of American jobs and restoring the economic vitality of our communities, and

WHEREAS, any domestically produced products that are purchased with economic recovery plan monies will immediately help struggling American families and will help stabilize our greater economy, and

WHEREAS, any economic recovery plan spending should – to every extent possible – include a commitment from (_______________________________) to buy materials, goods and services for projects from companies that are produced within the United States, thus employing the very workers that pay the taxes for the economic recovery plan spending in the first place.


BE IT RESOLVED THAT, we the undersigned will work to maximize the creation of American jobs and restoring economic growth and opportunity by spending economic recovery plan funds on products and services that both create jobs and help keep Americans employed.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, we commit to purchasing only products and services that are made or performed in the United States of America whenever and wherever possible with any economic recovery monies provided to (______________________________) by the American taxpayers, AND

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, as legislators of (______________________________), we commit to publish any requests to waive these procurement priorities so as to give American workers and producers the opportunity to identify and provide the American products and services that will maximize the success of our nation’s economic recovery program.

Now print out this resolution and get it passed in your County Council, County Commissioners, City Council etc.

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