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Proof of Need for Employee Free Choice Act

South of Valparaiso, Indiana is a small town called Wheatfield where a Georgia Pacific Gypsum plant is located.

The workers at this factory desired union representation and voted to be represented by the United Steelworkers Union. They began negotiating with Georgia Pacific for their first contract but just couldn’t get the company to negotiate in good faith. In the mean time, Georgia Pacific illegally fired one employee and illegally disciplined other workers.

Georgia Pacific hoped that the workers would tire of the long fight for justice and give up. They didn’t.
Over two years later, an agreement was finally reached.

This is the type of labor laws that the Chamber of Commerce and the nutty Republicans want to continue.

There is no good reason in the world for a company to be able to stall and delay and refuse to bargain in good faith with their workers --only bad reasons. That being to make the workers believe that their being united has no meaning. That it’s all futile and hopeless. That they should give up and change their minds.

The Employee Free Choice Act would put a quick stop to this unfairness. It would require that a company pay through the nose when they break the law. It would require that a company negotiate in good faith and that an agreement be reached in a reasonable length of time.

Although Indiana Senator Evan Bayh supported the Employee Free Choice Act two years ago, he is now withholding his support.

Please call Senator Bayh Toll Free at 1-866-207-2060 and ask him to co-sponsor and vote for the Employee Free Choice Act. Employees deserve the right to bargain with their employer for secure jobs, health care, and retirement benefits and fair pay.

Our country needs a strong middle class and the Employee Free Choice Act the one way to get it.

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