Monday, June 06, 2011

Elvis Has Left The Building

For the past ten days we've had an unwelcomed visitor ....... a bat. Since he took up residence in our home, we named him Elvis.

We've been trying to catch the darned thing ever since. We had all the necessary equipment in place. Bad mitton rackets, fishing net, plastic curtains covering the doorway to keep him from goint into other parts of the house and a string fastened to the door knob so we could close it quickly when he entered the room.

Every evening at 9:30, Elvis made his appearance by flying up from the cellar and circling around the room but we kept missing him.

Tonight, when Elvis made his appearance, I pulled the string. The door slammed shut. Elaine messed up his flight pattern with the fish net. I put the net over Elvis. Elaine opened the back door. Elvis began crawling through the hole in the net. Somehow we managed to persuade him to exit.

We're both exhausted and are sure glad this ordeal is over.

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