Thursday, June 09, 2011

Support HR 639 Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act

I call upon all our SOAR members who live in their respective congressional districts to call their congressional representatives to support and co-sponsor HR 639 which is now pending in Congress. If your representative has already co-sponsored this bill, thank them for their support.

As you well know, the Chinese have been manipulating their currency (at times up to 40%) to make U.S.  imports more costly and chinese exports less costly in the international marketplace. HR 639 will corect this unjust trade issue and put America on a more level playing field with the government of China.

Passage of this bill also has the potential of creating 500,000 to one million jobs in America. The bill would also have a tremendous effect in reducing our present deficit. Please take the time to call and get your congress person on board to help save and create jobs in America.

Jim Bickhart USW District 4

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