Monday, July 04, 2011

No More Love Letters In Indiana?

After high school, I went into the U.S. Navy for four years. While in the South Pacific, my high school sweet heart and now wife of 46 years and I wrote back and forth making our hearts grow fonder.

I've often said that the most valuable course I ever took in high school was typing but what in the world will happen in the next twenty years to the love letter with Indiana teachers no longer required to  teach cursive hand writing?

Gosh, you can't put perfume on a text message or email message. What a shame.

A year ago I made a resolution to write a letter each week. At first, I tried a ball point pen, but didn't like the feel of it. Then I bought a fountain pen, but the nib left a line too fat for my liking. I finally bought a scratch or dip pen like we used in school.

Although I haven't kept my resolution, I do love to scratch out a letter now and then. Now, do you think someone who is home bound or in a nursing home would rather receive an email message or would he rather receive an envelope that he can open, remove a folded piece of paper, and read a hand written letter?

There is something about a hand written letter that allows a person to put more feeling into the communication then with type written letters.

Oh well, time marches on, I guess. But thanks to my State Senator, Ed Charbonneau who is responsible for taking bargaining rights away from our Indiana teachers when it comes to anything other than wages and wage related benefits, teachers won't be able to make any improvements in our children's education, not contractually anyway.

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