Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teachers Need Our Help

Unions United for a
Better and Fairer Tomorrow

First they destroyed our jobs in manufacturing and the mills. Then the big LaSalle St. banks and the rich financial operators ran our economy in the ditch. Now they want to blame the crisis on teachers and other public workers. Hard working teachers and their unions are not to blame for the ills of education.

Join Us!  
We need to rally our unions and our community to fight for education and a better future for our children. This is not a deficit crisis; it’s a jobs crisis. We need the rich and the corporations to pay their fair share so we can invest in our schools and neighborhoods for a better tomorrow. We need to rally around the Chicago Teachers Union and allied unions in education.

Speakers: Karen Lewis, President CTU, Ed Sadlowski, AFSCME Council 40, Jeff Zupan, IBEW,  WTDY MADISON WISC, SLY IN THE MORNING
For more information or questions:
Susan & Raul Garza – 773-322-2679 or 773-415-4315
10654 ave G Chicago Il 60617

3:30 AUGUST 31st 2011

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