Monday, April 22, 2013

Del Lowery, The Podcaster for Retirees

Last week, Elaine and I went to the National Canadian SOAR Conference in Vancouver, B.C.

It was our first time visiting Canada and Vancouver was a very nice city to visit.

While there, we were able to meet the famous podcaster, Del Lowery and his wife, Brenda.

Del does a weekly podcast titled, Retirement Talk. You can find it at

I highly recommend Del's podcasts. They give some really good perspectives on how to plan for retirement and how a person might enjoy retirement in ways that don't require much money.

The photo at left was taken at The Fish House restaurant. Seated from left to right are Elaine, Phyllis Pearson, yours truly, Del Lowery and Brenda.

You can read about Del and Brenda at the web page below.

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