Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Report from AAM (Alliance for American Manufacturing)

Recently, the women of AAM joined the Women of Steel at their international conference in Pittsburgh to share information about trade and the importance of having a solid manufacturing base. This industry is important for women since jobs in manufacturing are often high-tech and offer better pay and benefits than many other sectors. But looking at the numbers, women are not employed in manufacturing at the same rate as men. In fact, only 27% of all manufacturing workers in the US (3.3 million) and Canada (500,000) are women. Those of us in manufacturing should promote the industry to our sisters and daughters, dispelling the outdated notion that manufacturing jobs are difficult, dirty and best left for men. We can recruit a new generation of Rosie the Riveters!

Our elected officials must invest in manufacturing so that more of these jobs are available. We need women AND men making things, creating things and inventing things but our lack of a comprehensive plan to drive innovation, education and job growth is holding us back. Without strong support for manufacturing, we could be dependent on other countries that support their manufacturing base, and that’s not good for national security or prosperity. Consider this: one manufacturing job can create 4 to 5 other jobs in our economy. No other sector has a multiplier effect like manufacturing. Are your elected officials making it a priority to keep making it here? 

Let us know! For more information, please visit www.americanmanufacturing.org
Rachel Bennett Steury, AAM Field Coordinator 260-633-1060

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