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The ReRushlican Whiners


That was the sound coming from the right wing ReRushlicans in the U.S. House of Representatives as they cried and whined as the Democrats passed the Economic Recovery bill.

That's after each and every ReRushlican voted no. Their ReRushlican party leader, Rush Limbaugh, wouldn't let even one of them do the right thing. Afterall, a ReRushlican, as you well know, would never vote for anything unless it would cause human pain, misery, suffering or death.

Then, today, President Barack Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Pay Equity Bill which will make it easier for employees to sue for wage discrimination, a measure he said is an important step toward "fundamental fairness" for U.S. workers. That made befuddled ReRushlicans cry even more knowing that now, women will get equal pay for equal work.

The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) also passed without help from the ReRushlicans. How could they ever be expected to vote for a bill that provides medical insurance to children of low income families. The reason they gave was that the bill included pregnant women. That really blew my mind because they always claim they're "right to life" people. In this case it was, "the hell with the unborn". Go figure.

Wow..what a difference a Congress and President make
when we elect people who can think.


Eric Schansberg said…
There are many reasons to oppose expansion of SCHIP. The oddity is pro-choice support for babies in the womb. Glad to see them take some progressive steps on that!
garyro said…
there is no "reason" to oppose health improvements for children and their mother. The child mortality rate in America is barbaric.

In other "more civilized lands", there would be a revolution if the health care system was as poor as in America.
Eric Schansberg said…
We-- privately and publicly-- already spend so much on health care. Why do you think more spending will necessarily help?

Here's one direct reason: why not let states fund their own programs? Why is it equitable or efficient for the feds to take our money, take a cut, add some strings, and then send it back to the atates?

I've blogged on one important but overlooked aspect of infant mortality rates by country: we count premies differently which greatly impacts our rates. Apples and oranges-- or apples and rocks. rates"

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