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Together we can rebuild our economy

Endorse the $900 Billion Main St. Recovery Program

Don't let the old politics of fear, timidity and gridlock in Congress undercut Obama’s bold vision and the change we need. Before Congress gets another chance to smother bold change, we can set a new tone. Let Congress know you're ready for solutions as great as the challenges we face. Endorse the $900 billion Main Street Recovery Program, and help pave the way for bold reform under President Obama. GO TO

As we all know, the failed policies of the Bush Administration have put our country into its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. As we look forward to January 20, 2009, it is critical that labor and other progressive organizations speak out about the need for a bold and comprehensive plan to get our economy moving again.

The Steelworkers, working with the Campaign for America’s Future and a group of progressive economists, have produced the document, A Main Street Recovery Program, which lays out the key elements of a plan focused on the government investing $900 billion over two years to create jobs and income for working families. It is consistent with the recently passed resolution of the Executive Council of the AFL- CIO and with the vision that President-Elect Obama has outlined. We see this a minimum program, and in fact the bigger the economic renewal program the greater the chance of the economy turning around.

It is important that we return to being a nation that makes things and creates real wealth — not more Wall Street illusions and Ponzi schemes.

It makes good economic sense to pass the Employee Free Choice Act if we are going to be a nation with an expanding middle class.

“This crisis is a direct result of the greed and irresponsibility that have dominated Washington and Wall Street for years… It’s the result of an economic philosophy that says we should give more and more to those with the most and hope that prosperity trickles down to everyone else... This crisis is the final verdict on this failed philosophy – a philosophy that we cannot afford to continue.” President-Elect Obama

Times are as bad as we have seen in our lifetimes, but if we fight for the kind of economy we know is possible, we can turn adversity into opportunity. Let’s go to work and tell our story of economic potential so that we get the ball rolling to save our union, save our economy and save our children’s future. - United Steelworkers AFL-CIO.CLC


Eric Schansberg said…
While we're at it: "Don't let reality undercut Obama’s bold vision and the change we need."

Politically: The Democratic Congress has been an impediment for such efforts. Will they get out of the way? (I thought the Dems represented change.) And Obama wants to continue Bush's bailout, massive spending, and military policies. Change indeed!

In terms of the economics: Does this group really believe that taking $X billion from some people and spending the same amount of money will create NET economic activity for the country? (If so, they should step outside and throw their crack pipes as far away as possible!) Or is it just because they know it will help them out?

Two other things:

If they're against Ponzi schemes, what do they propose for Social Security, the biggest Ponzi scheme of all?

Finally, labor unions today are "progessive"? How so? they're the very essence of conservativism and protecting the status quo. I'm grabbing my sides, in pain, because I'm laughing so hard.

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