Monday, February 21, 2011

Is It Ironic or just Sad?

You’ve seen it all on the news. There are crowds of protestors and people speaking out against those in government - and I’m not talking about the Middle East, or am I? Doesn’t it seem strange that there are people half-way around the world fighting to get some of the rights we have here in our country, while good hard-working Americans have to fight to keep those very same rights?

America has been the standard for many over the years for where they would like to be. An example of good hard-working people that stood firm on their convictions, principles and were willing to fight for them.

The “American Dream” was the goal of more than just those of us living in the U.S. Recently we have seen good examples of people rising up saying that they want a better life. They want good jobs and good schools. Many have pointed at the U.S. for what they wanted.

And yet, state after state is turning into a battle ground, because the “haves” are wanting to take out an even bigger piece of the pie and the “have-nots” are struggling to get a piece of the pie pan!

Who’s left in the middle? It’s the very group that created the middle class. The group that provides the workforce for the country and helped create that very American Dream that became the shining star of the world, and it is the Union. And how does corporate America show their thanks for the wealth we helped create for them? They attack us on every level, at every corner, and put the whole blame for the economic collapse of our country on us.

Wait, am I taking about America or the Middle East, well, isn’t that ironic …and sad.

Buril W. Smith
USW Local 9231

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