Saturday, February 05, 2011

"Right to Work" is Bad for Indiana

Corporate-backed politicians claim that “right to work” for less rules will help create jobs. In reality, these laws are another attempt by Big Business to force workers like us to give up the hard-earned wages and benefits we fought for at the bargaining table. “Right to work” for less:

Won't Create Jobs
We’re told this bill will create much- needed jobs, but that’s just what they told us about NAFTA, trade with China and deregulating Wall Street, too. It’s another corporate lie. “Right to work” for less laws actually lower wages, leaving workers like us with less money to spend and weakening our state’s economy.

Lowers Wages for Everyone
Greedy CEOs love “right to work” for less laws because they drive down workers’ wages and benefits. In fact, the average worker in states with these laws makes more than $5,500 less a year. In this economy, who can afford a $5,500 pay cut? (Bureau of Labor Statistics, October 2010)

Endangers Worksite Safety and Health
These laws weaken unions so we can’t bargain for safe, healthy working conditions—resulting in more injuries and even deaths at the worksite. (Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect, AFL-CIO, 2010)