Friday, April 06, 2012

A Great Steelworkers Sub District

Most, if not all of the Steelworker Sub Districts have regularly scheduled meetings consisting of the local union leadership in that particular Sub District. This meeting is referred to as a Presidents Meeting or Sub District Council Meeting.

In District 7, Sub District 4, we have what I believe to be a unique bylaw that allows for the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) to be represented and reads as follows:

“Article III – Membership

Those eligible to vote on the affairs of the Council Shall be: Sub District Director, Staff Representatives working in Sub District 4, Local Union Presidents or their Vice Presidents in their absence, and two delegates from Sub District 4 SOAR Chapters that includes retirees from affiliated Local Unions. Those eligible to attend and participate in the discussions of the affairs of the Sub Council shall be the individuals named by the Local Union Presidents of the Sub District. Also the Chairman of any committee duly constituted by the Council, who must maintain membership in a Local Union under the jurisdiction of and in good standing with this Council, shall also be duly authorized delegates to this Council.”

I am very grateful to the leadership of our Sub District Council and proud of them for inviting our Steelworker Retirees to participate and I hope that every Sub District in our union will consider making this provision.

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