Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Save America's Postal Service

April 12 Demonstrations to
Save America’s Postal Service

Join us April 12 for demonstrations to oppose S. 1789

On April 12, the National Association of Letter Carriers will hold “Save America’s Postal Service” demonstrations outside of Senate offices across the country. They are designed to put pressure on each senator to oppose S. 1789, a bill in the U.S. Senate scheduled to be voted on as soon as next week.
The timing and impact of these events will be critical in helping us to stop S. 1789 and save America’s Postal Service.
If S. 1789 were to pass, the bill would hurt retirees and the Postal Service by:

·    Putting an end to six-day mail delivery in two years.
·    Phasing out door-to-door mail delivery.

These events are meant to engage the public through the use of speeches, handouts and demonstrations to make our voices heard. Many retirees receive their needed prescriptions by mail.  These proposed changes could threaten their well-being.
The Postal Service has a wide variety of supporters, many of whom may wish to participate in “Save America’s Postal Service” demonstrations, including small-business owners who use the mail to advertise, veterans groups, local elected officials, labor union members, faith leaders, and progressive allies who have concerns for the plight of working men and women.

On Thursday, Please Call your senators toll-free at 1-888-863-6103
and tell them to vote NO on S. 1789 to save America’s Postal Service.

Please click the following link to find a location near you

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