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Let's Make a Difference

Brothers and Sisters,

We have two weeks.

Two weeks to make a difference in the future of our state, the future of our government and the future of our lives. 

Following the attacks on working people that occurred at the Indiana Statehouse, a record number of union members decided enough was enough and filed to run for office.

Now, we need to support them.

The following is a list of union brothers and sisters, who are facing tough primary election races. We need you to help us get them through the May 8th primary election by volunteering some of your time, treasure and talents these last 14 days.

If you are in these areas please reach out and help. Our involvement can make the difference in these critical races.

Southwestern Indiana
James Amick, Republican candidate for House District 64
James Amick is long time member of the IUOE and is running in the Republican primary for an open House seat. His primary challenger is a former employee of the Mackinac Center, a corporate fu-ded, right wing think tank that advocates against workers rights.  For more information on James, click here. To donate to his campaign, click here. And, to help the Amick campaign by volunteering to go door-to-door with him, please call (812) 664-3980 or email

South Central Indiana
Trent Wisner, Democratic candidate for House District 69
Trent Wisner is a union electrician of 12 years with IBEW LOCAL 481 and a first time candidate who, once elected, will be a strong voice for working men and women in the Statehouse. He is running to replace retiring Democratic State Representative David Cheatham and faces primary opposition.  Trent is going door-to-door every week night evening and every Saturday.  For more information on Trent, click here. To donate to his campaign, click here.  To help out on his campaign please call 812-592-2530 or email

*The campaign will meet on Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. at the Jennings County Democrat Headquarters, located at 10 3rd Street, in North Vernon to walk the district.

North Central Indiana
Steven Wilson, Republican Candidate for House District 38
Steven Wilson is a teacher and active union member running against incumbent Republican State Representative Heath VanNatter, who supported the myriad of anti-workers and anti-public education bills in recent legislative sessions. To assist Steven Wilson’s campaign, please call 765-459-5692 or email

Indianapolis Area
Michael Scott, Republican Candidate for House District 91
Michael Scott an electrician and 21-year member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 481. He is challenging incumbent State Representative Robert Behning, the Chair of the House Education Committee, in the Republican primary. Rep. Behning not only supported Right to Work, he led the attacks on public education and teachers.  To learn more about Michael or to donate to his effort, click here. To volunteer to go door-to-door with his campaign, call 317-517-0947 or email

Dan Forestal, Democratic Candidate for House District 100
A firefighter and first time candidate for office, Dan Forestal is running for an open seat that is currently held by Democratic State Representative John Day, who is retiring. Dan is an excellent candidate who will be a fighter for working people once elected. He is backed by his local Democratic party, but faces primary opposition.  To learn more about Dan, click here. To assist his campaign, please call 317-919-1748 or email Katie at

*The campaign will meet on Saturday in the parking lot of the Fountain Square Family Dollar Store, located at 1017 East Morris Street, in Indianapolis at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. for walks in the district.

Northwest Indiana
Diana Boersma, Republican candidate for House District 16
A teacher and active union member, Diana Boersma is challenging incumbent Republican State Representative Doug Gutwein, who is the current Chairman of the House Labor Committee and was a strong supporter of Right to Work.  Defeating Rep. Gutwein in the primary would send a strong signal about the Republican overreach witnessed over the last 2 years. To learn more about Diana or to donate to her campaign, click here. To assist her campaign by going door-to-door with her, please call 219-863-3957 or email

State Senator Earline Rogers, Democratic Candidate for Senate District 3
A retired public school teacher and well respected voice in the Statehouse, State Senator Earline Rogers has a long and strong record of fighting for working people. For more information on Sen. Rogers, click here. If you would like to volunteer on her campaign, please call 219-359-8834 or email

State Representative Earl Harris, Democratic Candidate for House District 2
A leader in the House and a staunch advocate for working people, Rep. Harris has repeatedly stood with us throughout his career. He now faces a primary opponent.  If you would like to assist him, please call 219-741-4058.

State Representative Charlie Brown, Democratic Candidate for House District 3
A fighter for working families, Rep. Brown has been an outspoken advocate on issues that confront working men and women. He also faces primary opposition. To assist Rep. Brown, please call 219-938-0988 or 219-644-6319.

State Representative Vernon Smith, Democratic Candidate for House District 14
Rep. Smith is another outstanding friend of labor who has fought to improve the lives of working families throughout his career. He is being challenged in the primary. If you would like to assist Rep. Smith, please call 219-201-3659.

In Solidarity,
The Indiana AFL-CIO


Kim Johnson said…
Such a great way of showing what democracy means!
petterjoe said…
Helpful article. Good for the people how need information about this. Thank you. Petter Joe

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