Monday, April 16, 2012

NIPSCO can't afford cake

This year the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) will be celebrating its 100-year anniversary with a party. The company has determined that NIPSCO union retirees (you know, the people who built the company) will not be invited as it would be cost prohibitive to invite retirees to any kind of celebration. The company will be distributing booklets with information and photos of its 110 year existence but if a retiree wants a copy of it they will have to buy it from the publisher of the book.

This should be no surprise to any NIPSCO retiree as this company has shown a lack of any  sensitivity and a total disregard of the needs of its retirees.

On April 6, the Northwest Indiana Times reported that Company directors in 2011 handed NIPSCO chief Jimmy Staton a discretionary bonus of $150,000 for "superior performance."

NiSource CEO Robert Skaggs Jr. (NiSource is the parent company of NIPSCO) received total compensation of $4.98 million in 2011.

Part of Skaggs' package consisted of a $501,000 discretionary bonus awarded by the same directors' committee that handed out Staton's.

No wonder that NIPSCO can’t afford to invite the people who built the company to any type celebration commemorating the past 100 years.

Have you checked the price of cake lately?

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Anonymous said...

Doesnt surprise me. They are trying to take my collected years of service from the actual 25 years down to 24 years to shave a couple bucks off my retirement benes. I went thru proper proceedures and filed my dispute back in early May but they seem to think "hide and it will go away" is the proper response. So on to the Pa. Labor Law Compliance Department.